[G&S]: 4.26: Castaways Casino Cocktail Experiment / May: Star Wars Day, Swing House, Goldmine / Your NYC events 4.19-25

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Subject: [G&S]: 4.26: Castaways Casino Cocktail Experiment / May: Star Wars Day, Swing House, Goldmine / Your NYC events 4.19-25
Date: April 19th 2019

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Hello lovelies,

Two new events to announce! 5.18 & 5.26; see below.

Next Fri 4.28 - Our newest crazy idea: Castaways Casino Club meets The Cocktail Experiment. Casino games + tropical bass beats, and the bar riffing on tiki drinks.

Fri 5.3 - Star Wars Day celebration, part 1: movie night showing Rogue One and Solo.

Sat 5.4 - Star Wars Day celebration, part 2: Cantina at the end of the Universe, the sci-fi mashup dance party. We're stocking up on games and props...let us know if you want to contribute anything for the fun. Early bird tickets (two for $10) end at 12am tonight!

Sun 5.18 - Just announced! Swing House 11th Anniversary: 1920s speakeasy, remixed. Live band, burlesque dancers, proper cocktails, electro-swing dance party to follow. You can snag early bird tickets until May 4: two for $30.

Sun 5.26 - not yet officially live, but we're gathering vendors for our flamboyant pop-up sale Goldmine. Who wants in? Anything goes, from vintage to handmade to thrift to food to experiences to services. No vendor fees, just a suggested 20% donation form your sales.

Sun 6.23 - Grand Victorian Garden Tea.


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Gemini & Scorpio

Castaways Casino Cocktail Experiment + April Babies Birthday Party

Friday, Apr 26, 8pm-late, suggested sliding scale $10-20 donation, 21+ with ID (25+ recommended)
Plus: FREE drinks if you bring a cocktail ingredient*
Gemini and Scorpio Loft, Gowanus, BK
Address with RSVP: http://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.html
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/758219204578336/
Social media: @gemini_scorpio #geminiandscorpio

We're going to do something a little nutty and mash up our vintage-flavored casino party with our monthly speakeasy cocktail club.

Calling all faux millionaires to litter their gold coin at our illicit gambling establishment far offshore on the banks of Gowanus. The casino club will feature blackjack, roulette and the star attraction of the night: Texas hold'em tournament, played at 10pm, 11pm, and 12am for a $50 value prize. For non-tourney games, a member credit system will let you use your winnings for future party entry, drinks, etc (win last time? your credit is still good!).

The original Castaways resort in Vegas was peak-60s polynesian insanity. We'll honor our namesake with tropical drinks & beats, for full tiki party mode alongside the games. Even if you don't gamble, you win.

Plus, the Experiment: craft cocktail pop-up meets Iron Chef. One kickass bartender, a fully stocked bar, and YOU bringing a liquid challenge: a bottle of something unusual for our pro to turn into a one-of-a-kind cocktail. If your bottle is used in creation of a cocktail, you and a friend get a complimentary round (up to three friends, if it's a full size bottle of something excellent!). No two cocktails will be the same, and all will be delicious.

Is your birthday in April? Your first experiment is on the house (show us your ID). You can even get in touch to reserve a couch, arrange party favors, etc. Yes, you can order food to be delivered, too.

*Tips on bringing ingredients: we welcome both liquor and mixer challenges, but please no basic juices or sodas...that's not what craft cocktails are made of. Consider: half-size bottles, homemade infusions or syrups, that forgotten bottle of weird booze you don't know what to do with, unique amaros, bitters or vermouths. Most importantly, since whatever you brought will be in your free cocktail round, choose flavors you enjoy. Small request: nothing that tastes of anise or licorice, please! If that's the flavor you want, we have plenty of that in the bar, including the best absinthe you'll ever have.

Dress suggestions: funky party-wear, 1960s Polynesian kitsch, faux fancy, vintage lounge, sparkly cocktail, or other non-sloppy attire appreciated. No elaborate costumes or formalwear required, but you know we love it when you put in effort.


Gemini & Scorpio


Star Wars universe movie night

Fri, May 3, 7pm-late, $10 sugg don, all (movie-appropriate) ages
Gemini & Scorpio Loft in Gowanus, BK - see site for address
Details & address: http://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.html
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/430287724372407/

7:30pm - Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Former scientist Galen Erso lives on a farm with his wife and young daughter, Jyn. His peaceful existence comes crashing down when the evil Orson Krennic takes him away from his beloved family. Many years later, Galen becomes the Empire's lead engineer for the most powerful weapon in the galaxy, the Death Star. Knowing that her father holds the key to its destruction, Jyn joins forces with a spy and other resistance fighters to steal the space station's plans for the Rebel Alliance.

10pm - Solo: A Star Wars Story*
Young Han Solo finds adventure when he joins forces with a gang of galactic smugglers and a 190-year-old Wookie named Chewbacca. Indebted to the gangster Dryden Vos, the crew devises a daring plan to travel to the mining planet Kessel to steal a batch of valuable coaxium. In need of a fast ship, Solo meets Lando Calrissian, the suave owner of the perfect vessel for the dangerous mission -- the Millennium Falcon.

*Yes, we know, not the greatest Star Wars film. But! We'll take a vote just before 10pm to see which Star Wars movie you'd like us to put on, if not this one.


Gemini & Scorpio


Cantina at the End of the Universe

Sat, May 4, 9pm-3am, 21+ (25+ recommended)
$10 adv for two tix until 4.20 / $8 adv ea after / $10 door / FREE after 1am
Gemini & Scorpio Loft in Gowanus, BK - see site for address
Details & address: http://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.html
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/204825423352814
Tix: https://cantina.brownpapertickets.com
Social media: @gemini_scorpio #GScantina #geminiandscorpio #MayTheFourth

Jedis, Trekkers, Browncoats, Time Lords and Hitchhikers from all corners of the cosmos, follow us to a cantina at the end of the universe to celebrate Star Wars Day, May the Fourth. There will be aesthetically pleasing air pressure waves coming at your eardrums, mad scientist concoctions (no synthahol, we promise), and an eclectic crowd of humanoids, demonoids, arachnoids, cephalopoids, androids, and surprisingly many other alienoids. We won't let any wookies tear your arm off, but don't mention Miranda, or the seemingly harmless 90-pound brunette wandering around barefoot may suddenly opt for some thrilling heroics, and then you're on your own. Dress uniforms encouraged, watch out for the replicants, and don't forget your towel. You can materialize your Tardis right on the dance floor, but we recommend buying your multipass in advance, in case a clone invasion results in massive overcrowding and subsequent destruction of the entire multiverse.

It's an intergalactic creature dance party, with classic sci-fi visuals playing throughout. 9-10pm craft and cocktail hour: come finish your costumes on the spot. Plus, other space-y crafts, fake tattoos and nerdy table games. Costume contest at midnight for a fun prize pack including tickets to future events. Hug-a-stormtrooper photo booth.

Costume required, as always. Think Star Wars, Star Trek, HGTTG, Firefly, Doctor Who, Blade Runner, Martians, robots, aliens, androids, giant spider creatures with tentacle faces, orange-haired hot-pants-wearing supreme beings, intergalactic bounty hunters, true-blue-blooded opera singers, shiny creatures of energy in corporeal form, the time-traveling anti-you.

PARTY: 5/18

Gemini & Scorpio

Swing House 11th Anniversary: 1920s speakeasy, remixed

Sat, May 18, 9pm-late (dance class 9:30pm), 21+ (25+ recommended)
$30 adv for two tix until 5.4 / $20 after / $40 w/table reservation
$10 after 12:30am for electro-swing dance party
Gemini & Scorpio Loft, must RSVP for Gowanus, BK address

Details & RSVP: http://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.html
Tix: http://swinghouse.brownpapertickets.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/2324053267847404
Social media: #GSSwingHouse #geminiandscorpio

A classic speakeasy party in a secret Brooklyn loft, with live swingin' sounds by vintage jazz bands, blazing burlesque divas, exotic cocktails, and the best electro-swing DJs remixing and reinventing vintage grooves late into the night. "Gatsby-era fun with a twist of new-school vibe" (The Village Voice).

The night starts with an introductory dance class for swing basics by Brooklyn Swings, who teach at our loft every Monday night. Live music until 1am by Svetlana & The Delancey Five: a "very sweet & naughty" (Jazzlives), "energetic" (Wall Street Journal), "delightful" (WRHU Jazz Radio), and cinematically handsome Golden Age-inspired sextet. Burlesque fabulousness during and between. Burlesque fabulousness during and between band sets, by Nina La Voix and more dancers TBA. Sweet remixed vintage beats after, until the dancing is done.

Plus: the gambling den! Rounds of Texas Hold'em going till at least 1am, with winners getting permanent house credit with G&S (same system as our vintage-style tiki casino parties).

Dress code (required): The Jazz Age never ended, it just got funky. Dress accordingly: "An event worth wearing that ridiculous zoot suit for." - TimeOut NY; "Corsets and top hats tweaked with studs and leather are totally appropriate." - The New York Times. Suggestions: vintage (1920s-1940s) with a modern twist, cabaret, burlesque, Weimar Berlin, classic Hollywood, classy, sassy, tailored, hats, feathers, sequins, beads. Effort required. Dress code modern-friendly after 1am for the electro-swing dance party.

Full invite not up yet, but tickets on sale for both dates!

The Grand Victorian Garden Tea

Sunday, June 23, 4-8pm (tea served at 5pm), $40 ($35 for groups over 5), all ages, rain or shine
at the historical Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden, 421 E 61st St

Info: http://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.html
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/328373971149474
Tix: http://victoriantea.brownpapertickets.com
Social media: @gemini_scorpio #geminiandscorpio #gsvictorianball

/// NYC EVENTS: 4/19-4/25 ///


MUSIC: Meta-7 (an alchemic opera)
Audience members lay on a sub-bass vibrating floor surrounded by a 7.1 sound system inside a 360° video mapped dome. The story is about all of us. Where do we come from? Why are we here? Where do we go after? Very much inspired by Sully’s album listening parties when he was a kid in the 70s, META-7 is a gesture towards the sacred and mysterious through a deep immersion of sound, light and architectural design. (Fri/Sat, 10-16 46 Ave, LIC, 7pm/8pm/9pm/10pm, $30)

FILM: Infradestruction! (aka When Infrastructure Attacks)
The disaster films in this series undermine the propaganda of the built world by vividly conjuring scenarios in which the roadways under our feet, the ships that carry us across the oceans, the machines in our service, and the cities and buildings containing us become malevolent antagonists, hell-bent on our destruction. To further titillate the audience, a carefully arranged program of topical music will play while people await their grim entertainment. Films include “Maximum Overdrive”, “Final Destination 2”, “A Night to Remember”, and “Volcano”. (Fri-Sun, Anthology Film Archives, 32 2nd Ave, see site for details, $7-$12)

THEATER/MUSIC: Mt Rushmore at The Brick
Mt. Rushmore is a time travel, punk rock voyage that lands the audience in the throws of the rebellious Reagan era, where they help playwright and performer Monica Hunken on her quest to save her mother from a lifetime of grief and Conservatism. This wild quest is a true 1980s adventure – packed to the brim with espionage, unexpected friendships, and even a chance for redemption. Mt. Rushmore also features live original music with a band. (Fri/Sat/Thu, The Brick, 579 Metropolitan Ave, BK, 7pm, $20)

THEATER: Charlie's Waiting
Charlie’s Waiting, a world premiere by 2017 Parity Commission winner Mêlisa Annis, follows two women the night before their wedding. A pregnant Louise is busy with all the planning while her fiancée Kelly busies herself feeding the goats. Everything is going to plan, that is until Louise is forced to confront questions of trust and intimacy, and she discovers how quickly plans can get derailed. (Fri/Sat, this week and next, TheaterLab, 357 West 36th Street, 3rd Fl, 7:30pm, $25.50/$15 stu)

CIRCUS: Secret Circus: An Aerial Spectacular
Secret Circus gives experienced circus performers a stage to display their most immersive, captivating, and daringly dynamic pieces. Each show has a secret theme that audience members discover as the night progresses. The show's theme is built around the performers, resulting in an awe-inspiring, totally unique experience. Host: Laurel Fixation. Featuring: Ariel Iasevoli, Medea, Jonathan McDonald, Pixel Witch, Ivory Fox, Roman Mokrenko. At intermission, enter the theme-based costume contest, and tell your secrets to their human confessional, Lilly Wolfson. (Fri/Sat, location with purchase, 8pm doors/8:30pm show, $25-$60)

ART: ”Friend Of A Friend" Group Show & Invisible Dog’s 10Th Annual Artists' Open Studios
Get a glimpse into the creative spaces where 25 working artists from various backgrounds add history to the neighborhood. Brush elbows with artists you know and some you don't, as they'll be right alongside you to answer your questions. (Sat/Sun, The Invisible Dog Art Center, 51 Bergen St, Bk, 12pm, FREE)

PUPPETS: Chimpanzee
An aging, isolated chimpanzee pieces together the fragments of her childhood in a human family. Bleak reality bleeds to vivid memory in this non-verbal puppet play. Inspired by true events. (Sat 2pm & 7pm/Tue 7pm, this week and next, HERE Arts, 145 6th Ave, $15-$45)

FEST: Bric Open Festival
An arts and ideas festival that converges around BRIC’s core values of creativity, inclusion, participation, and community. The festival aims to bring people together to radically imagine a more equitable, liberated future, through four days of art, music, film, performance, conversations, neighborhood walks, and shared experiences. The third annual festival, BRIC OPEN: Justice, interrogates questions of justice and empathy and opens up spaces to find freedom in self-expression and witness others in their full humanity. These actions lay the ground for each of us to see our individual fates tied up with that of our communities, and to confront and correct injustices that deny others their complex wholeness. (Wed/Thu, this week and next, BRIC, 647 Fulton St, BK, see site for details, FREE w/RSVP)


ART: OS Gowanus: Junk Clocks and Other Thoughts on Time
Artist-in-residence Kathleen McDermott combines craft and sculpture techniques with open-source electronic experiments to build video-based narratives of a strange future. She takes a critical perspective on emerging and wearable technologies by creating electronics that are counterproductive, humorous, and uncontrollable. This time she’s focusing around the prevailing systems of keeping time are ill-equipped for conceptualizing the rate of decay of the things we leave behind. A recurring theme in her work has been the relationship between technology, the body, and personal and public space, grounded in the belief that absurdity can be an appropriate response to technologically-enabled feelings of alienation. (OS Gowanus, 234 Butler St, BK, 7pm, FREE)

ART: The 10th Annual Interactive Show: Solar Punk
This annual party and fundraiser invites hackers from around the region to show off their cool interactive projects with free beats and beers provided. This year’s theme is a movement, it’s an imagining of a brighter, greener, future where both technology and society are more humane. (Nycresistor, 87 3rd Ave 4th fl, BK, 8pm-3am, $15 ad/$20 door)

MUSIC: The 2019 Season Premiere of Music Of Curiosities
Live Music, Live Art come together on the legendary Coney Island sideshow stage. Featuring Brooklyn's Surreal Folk Rock Duo Cookie Tongue with a special opening set by Charming Disaster. Hosted by Pnk Vlvt Wtch. (Coney Island USA, 1208 Surf Ave, BK, 9pm, $20)


FEST: 15th Annual Sakura Matsuri Cherry Blossom Festival
Sakura Matsuri is an annual festival to celebrate the spring blossoming of the cherry trees at Flushing Meadows Corona Park. This event features live drum performances (Taiko), a traditional Japanese chorus, a Japanese folk dance, and a tea ceremony. (Pavilion & Astral Fountain, Flushing Meadows Corona Park, QNS, 11am-1pm, FREE)

COMMUNITY: Sunset Park Earth Day Native American Celebration
Honor Mother Earth with Indigenous Artists from North, Central & South America, the Caribbean, and the Hawaiian Islands. Native American Pow Wow. Dancing, singing, and drumming. Vendors and more. Event will be indoors in case of rain. (Sunset Park, BK, 12pm, FREE)

DJ: Brent’s 8th annual Weedpocalypse
The cloud of smoke that is this party returns. Incredible secret back-alley location (seriously shhhhhh)... 3 floors, indoor/outdoor, multiple stages, secret rooms, 3D projection mapping, and a whole lot more in store. DJs: 2melo, Beatkitty, BK Gypsies(trio), Zionysus, Narkatta, PartyFoul5000, Galactivators, Trotter, DJ Kate, Margeaux, Roland Ramos, Entity Sam, Mario Alexander Khoury, and The JunXion Allstars. (Location with purchase, BK, 4:20pm—4:20am, $15-$20)

BIKE: Night-Glow Bike Ride
This glow in the dark, family-friendly, leisurely bike ride around the Prospect Park 3.5-mile loop is open to riders of all ages and skill levels. Dust off those glow sticks, pimp your bike, and join in for a night of fun. Don’t get left in the dark. (Prospect Park, BK, 7pm meet/7:30pm ride, FREE)

BURLESQUE/PARTY: Galatea Stone Presents | Weedly McBongington's 420 Free For All!
A luscious evening of marijuana-themed burlesque, drag and gogo. There will also be a green-themed raffle and other fun surprises through the course of the evening! Hosted by weed scholar and connoisseur, the acclaimed Dr. Weedly McBongington. With performances by: Johnny Caligula, Lydia Vengeance, Sincerely Y. Ours, Lucy Risquè, Lacy Stoner, Dolly Griskus, and Galatea Stone. Sound by Affection. Stick around after the show for The Scene presents: Boogie, a super rad dance party with great DJs and wonderful vibes! (Eris Evolution, 167 Graham Ave, BK, 7pm doors/8pm show/10pm party, $15-$25, 21+)

WORD: Tell 53: 420
An evening of story telling from the mouths and minds of queers in NYC hosted by Drae Campbell. Featuring stories by  Renair Amin, Cara Francis, Joey Kipp, and  Arianne “Bozo” Lombardi. (Bureau of General Services-Queer Division, 208 W 13th St, Rm 210, 7pm, $10 sugg don)

MUSIC/SOCIAL DANCE: Global Mashup 4: Bluegrass Meets Cuba
They’re mashing up 2 cultures on 1 stage with an open dance floor. Starting with dance lessons, each band plays a set, then the two meet and jam. Get ready to square dance with mandolin, bluegrass master Buddy Merriam and Back Roads, mashing up the night with the hip-swiveling, Afro-Cuban rhythms of Conjunto Guantánamo. (Flushing Town Hall, 137-35 Northern Blvd, QNS, 7pm lesson/8pm concert, $16/$10 members/FREE for teens)

PARTY: Rubulad: Enter the Bunny-verse
Advance tix: https://www.artery.is/showcases/enter-the-bunny-verse
And the seas will part. With live music by: Greek Judas, Van Goose, The Due Diligence, and Spritzer. DJs: Ursula 1000 and friends. Projections by The Sperm Whale NYC. Mike Flaherty’s Art Hole. Surprise Easter Egg Hunt. Special early screening of Monica Demes’ “Lillith’s Awakening,” a short erotic psychological art/horror film. Dress: Baby animals, angel of death, Cheech or Chong. Door prizes for early birds. RSVP to rubulad@PROTECTED for address. (secret location, rsvp for address, BK, 7pm screening/8:30 pm doors/9pm show, $15/$10 adv or before 10pm)

FILM/VARIETY: 4/20 Celebration with a colorized screening of Reefer Madness
Enjoy live music, performances, video shorts & a special colorized screening of the outrageous, cult classic propaganda film “Reefer Madness”. with special LIVE performances featuring: Pink Velvet Witch and Coney Island's own Funny Face. Plus: special hand picked video shorts & vintage PSA's on the dangers of smoking that deadly plant, and one more incredibly rare & historical surprise not see in decades. (Coney Island USA, 1208 Surf Ave, BK, 9pm, $15, 21+)

THEATER: I Do Believe in Fairies
A boy shows up in your bedroom, offers you some Fairy Dust, and takes you on a journey you will never forget. Peter, his drug-addled fairy “friend” Tweaker Bell, Pan’s Lost Boys, and the coked-out Darling children find themselves face-to-face with Captain Hook, so-named for an infamously missing appendage. The show is a violent, ridiculous adventure that upends the mythical tale of the boy who never grew up. (Dixon Place, 161A Chrystie St, 10pm, $15 adv/$18 door)


PARTICIPATORY: Easter Parade and Easter Bonnet Festival
Each year on Easter, celebrants don festive finery and show off their very best bonnets along Fifth Avenue. Immortalized by Irving Berlin (with some help from Judy Garland and Fred Astaire), the pageant is a New York City tradition that stretches back to the 1870s. The best place to watch is from the area around St. Patrick's Cathedral; better yet, bring your bonnet and join the parade. (Fifth Ave, from 49th St to 57th St, 10am-4pm, FREE)

FEST: Earth Love Festival
A celebration of creation, a day party with a purpose, a creative collaboration between artists, musicians, climate experts, ocean conservationists, sustainable fashionistas and more - all for the cause of saving our home planet. Explore art installations, educational panels, uplifting soundscapes, dance party empowerment, eco-friendly shopping, and environmental initiatives designed to inspire you to change the world. (99 Scott Ave, BK, 12pm, FREE, all ages)


VARIETY: Joey Arias: Strange Fruit
This drag legend channels trailblazing vocalist Billie Holiday in a revival of his critically acclaimed show. This iconic live tribute performance at stars the multi-talented artist, known for his work as a performance artist, cabaret singer, drag artist, published author, comedian, stage persona and cult-movie star. (West Bank Cafe, The Laurie Beechman Theater, 407 West 42nd St, 7pm, $13 with $20 food/drink min)


MUSIC: Beat Circus with Tredici Bacci
A concert of new arrangements in a surreal world of dark country, noir, and the avant-garde. Featuring Brian Carpenter's singular vocals with the explosive drummer Gavin McCarthy and the searing guitarist Andrew Stern. The evening will open with a set from dynamic orchestral pop ensemble Tredici Bacci, directed by maniacal composer, arranger, musician, and bandleader Simon Hanes. (National Sawdust, 80 North 6th St, BK, 6pm doors/7pm show, $20)

SOCIAL DANCE: From Swing to Soul Dance Party
Dance through the decades from the sounds of the Swing Era to the brisk tempos to Rhythm and Blues. Join Dandy Welington and His Band and DJ La Vamba for an evening of all out dancing. Dance Lesson by LaTasha Barnes. RSVP required. Note: the venue is a members only club so in order to attend, all guest must be announced. (Norwood Club, 241 W 14th St, 9pm, $10)

[Art opportunities, promotions, sales, news. Non-event ephemera...]

The warm weather is almost upon us; just about time to get tattooed in the back of a pick up truck, parked on an industrial dead end next to a disease ridden body of water. Lets make a midway of trash and jankiness. Cardboard carnival games, junk cart races, garbage arts and craft stations, dirty sock puppet shows, macaroni art shows, clothing swaps, flamethrower cookouts, unmodivational speeches, B movie drive ins, and more stupider hobolympics with the best shit trophies you've never seen. Rules: don't spend money on material; don't spend more than a few hours building it; unit or materials should be able to get stomped into a trash bag at the end of the night. Event date TBA. Submit your jank game, hobolympic challenge or interactive element idea to: contact@PROTECTED

ART: Sign Up For Greenpoint Open Studios 2019 - June 7 & 8
This is an un-curated event, free and open to the public that aims to give local artists and creatives a chance to show their work. Artists, designers, crafters, fabricators, performers, and anyone who has work or work-in-progress to show in Greenpoint can register. Sign up to register your work and location of your space. Your address will be on the publicly available GOS online map and a printed guide that is distributed all over North Brooklyn. Registered artists open their doors on June 8th and 9th to visitors. (Greenpoint neighborhood, BK, $15 until 4/15, $40 after)

PARTICIPATORY: Lost Horizon Night Market call for Proprietors - June 8
The Lost Horizon Night Market is a transient bazaar where one can encounter a variety of mysterious lounges, theaters, galleries, cafes, installations and other establishments, all situated within seemingly ordinary box trucks. Over the 10 years, the Proprietorship has grown to include dozens of unique establishments and the conjuring of any new or old ideas are welcome. All Proprietors neither vend nor condone the use of alcohol or illicit substances, nor create loud noise, or otherwise draw inappropriate attention to the market. Nothing may be sold nor admission charged. Accepting tips, donations, bartering, and gifts is welcome and donation to future Night Markets is encouraged. In late May, additional details will be made available to those Proprietors who express interest. There will be a meeting May 14th for questions and brainstorming. Email shadowtrafficproductions@PROTECTED for inquiries


ART: Exhibitionism: 50 Years of The Museum at FIT
This exhibit celebrates the 50th anniversary of what Michael Kors calls “the fashion insider’s fashion museum” by bringing back 33 of the most influential exhibitions produced since the first one was staged in 1971. Taken entirely from the museum’s permanent holdings, more than 80 looks will be on display. From Fashion and Surrealism to The Corset to A Queer History of Fashion, the exhibitions are known for being “intelligent, innovative, and independent,” says MFIT Director Valerie Steele. (thru 4/20, Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Seventh Ave at 27 St, see site for details, FREE)

ART: We Shall Make America Wonder
A group show featuring Joe Coleman, Felipe Jesus Consalvos, Henry Darger & Duke Riley. “These four visionaries are each eminent cartographers of latent lands, where the unimaginable is fully imagined and otherness is not only recognizable but relatable. Their worlds apart are built up with a richness of minutiae, an internal logic that allows the irrational to ring true. For some of these artists God is in the details, for others it is likely the devil. Collectively, we can see them as embroiderers of some quilt-like map of all the madness, superstition, faith, desire and dread festering within the American psyche.” —Carlo McCormick (thru 4/20, Andrew Edlin Gallery, 212 Bowery St, see site for details, FREE)

ART: Refiguring Binaries
Curated by Kelani Nichole, and featuring 10 artists, the exhibition explores identity, the body, and the politics of technology. Virtual space is inhabited with queer bodies and cultural identity is reclaimed through subversive uses of technology. The boundaries of technology and the body are blurred, as are the lines between author, image, and copy. Possible futures emerge as the layers of simulation that mediate contemporary culture are revealed. (thru 4/21, Pioneer Works, 159 Pioneer St, BK, 12pm-6pm, FREE)

FILM: Wild Things: The Ferocious Films of Nelly Kaplan
As the French New Wave surged forth in the 1950s, Nelly Kaplan was already swimming upstream. A habitué of the Cinémathèque Française, this former economics student would make her mark in journalism, surrealist fiction, film theory and criticism, and documentary filmmaking. Kaplan advanced to writing and directing herself after being a professional and personal partner to legendary director Abel Gance. Moving ahead with her own career, Kaplan made a series of fiction features that probe sexual power dynamics and confront the hypocrisies of France’s prevailing social order with a ferocious but playful touch. Films include: Abel Gance and His Napoléon, Charles and Lucie, Papa, the Lil' Boats, The Pleasure of Love and Velvet Paws. (thru 4/25, Quad Cinema, 34 W 13th St, see site for details, $16)

FILM: Preservation Film Festival
This third annual festival is presented by the New York Preservation Archive Project. It is their first five-borough festival, with events across the city. Films include 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Battle for Brooklyn, Little Fugitive (1953), At Home in Utopia, and others. Opening and closing night receptions. (thru 5/3, multiple locations, see site for details)

ART: Tolkien: Maker of Middle-earth
The exhibition will be the most extensive public display of original Tolkien material for several generations. Drawn from the collections of the Tolkien Archive at the Bodleian Library (Oxford), Marquette University Libraries (Milwaukee), the Morgan, and private lenders, the exhibition will include family photographs and memorabilia, Tolkien’s original illustrations, maps, draft manuscripts, and designs related to The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, and The Silmarillion. Admission is on a first-come first-served basis. Costumes permitted, no masks wizard staffs, axes, bow and arrows, or swords. (thru 5/12, The Morgan Library & Museum, 225 Madison Ave, see site for details, $22)

EXHIBIT: Frida Kahlo: Appearances Can Be Deceiving
Mexican artist Frida Kahlo’s unique and immediately recognizable style was an integral part of her identity. Kahlo came to define herself through her ethnicity, disability, and politics, all of which were at the heart of her work. This is the largest U.S. exhibition in ten years devoted to the iconic painter and the first in the United States to display a collection of her clothing and other personal possessions, which were rediscovered and inventoried in 2004 after being locked away since Kahlo’s death, in 1954. (thru 5/12, Brooklyn Museum, 200 Eastern Parkway, BK, see site for details, $12-$35)

ART: Jean-Michel Basquiat
The Brant Foundation will present a solo exhibition of works by Jean-Michel Basquiat to celebrate the inauguration of its new space in New York City’s East Village. The inaugural exhibition will bring together Basquiat’s most important masterworks from the Brant Collections as well as from international museums and private collections. (thru 5/15, The Brant Foundation, 421 East 6th St, see site for details, FREE/Waitlist RSVP required)

ART: Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory Exhibition at Green-Wood Cemetery
This exhibition explores Catholic visions of heaven, hell, and purgatory —via art, artifacts, and material culture drawn from The Green-Wood Historic Fund Collections and the greater Morbid Anatomy community—, tracing how they have manifested in various places and shifted and changed over time. (thru 6/30, Sat/Sun, Green-Wood Cemetery, 500 25th St, BK, 12pm-5pm, FREE)

ART/MUSIC: Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything
A world-renowned novelist, poet, and singer/songwriter who inspired generations of writers, musicians, and artists, Leonard Cohen (1934-2016) was an extraordinary poet of the imperfection of the human condition, giving voice to what it means to be fully alert to the complexities and desires of both body and soul. Featuring 12 artists and 18 musicians from 10 countries, this exhibition offers a deep and rich exploration of the beloved global icon through the lens of contemporary art. (thru 9/8, Jewish Museum, 1109 5th Ave at 92nd St, see site for details, $18/$12 sen/$8 stu)


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