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Subject: [G&S]: Closing events, loft & mail list for foreseeable future / Your NYC events 3.7-13
Date: March 13th 2020

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Hello lovelies,

We're sure that, much like ours, your inbox this week has been a flood of event cancelations and COVID-19 warnings. We hope you are making safe choices for yourself, whether you're still going out anywhere or are already staying in. Below are the few events for the upcoming week that were not canceled as of this writing. Please check with producers and venues before going anywhere, though, as the situation has been changing by the hour.

For our part, we've halted work on any events scheduled for the next 5-6 weeks, and we'll resume production only when it's deemed safe by WHO/CDC/NYC Dep't of Health -- likely you won't see an event from us until June. Our last event for a while is tonight, what would have been our monthly makeout party for House of Scorpio. It'll be something like a community meetup instead, though all the rules still apply (you can learn more at http://www.houseofscorpio.com ). We will also halt this weekly list, for the first time since we started it in 2002, as there's little point in writing when there are no events happening anywhere.

For us, like many other independent live events professionals, this means that we're losing 100% of our income for the foreseeable future. If your current financial situation allows, please consider donating your regular going out budget to producers and performers who have no option to work from home. We have a "donate" button in the right sidebar of our website, if you'd like to send anything our way -- or you can just Venmo us at @Gemini-Scorpio (red + green aliens profile pic). Anything you send is gratefully received, and will help us make it through this very scary patch.


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/// NYC EVENTS: 3/13-3/19//


Springboard Collective’s latest interactive installation- handbaskets provided- features three stages of
sinful performance art, gluttony, and a divine comedy that even Dante would be proud of. Performances by Abigail Entsminger & Seth Timothy Larson, and Michael O’Malley. Mechanical Bull Riding w/ DJ Vinyl Richie. Party in Hell All Night w/ DJ Sponsored Lynx. Divine Comedy Night w/ Rahel Joan, Dylan. Plus open gallery hours.
(Fri-Thu, Flux Factory, 39-31 29th St, LIC, see site for details, FREE)

PUPPETS: Kosmos Invers: The Morphology of XOS
The Morphology of XOS is a Psycho-Ecological Cosmogony, A Utopic Vision of Hell, the Fever-Dream of Apocalyptic Composting in a Mutating Bubble of Otherness. Kalan Sherrard (aka Enormous Face), a street, subway and alt puppeteer-performance artist with a cult international following presents a new solo piece with a powerful environmental message combining his stunning artworld level esthetics and sensibility with his deeply committed performance and personal philosophies. (Fri-Sat, Here, 145 Sixth Ave, see site for details, $25-$50)


MUSIC: MMC: Modern Wind Symphony
The Metropolitan Music Community invites you to join the Grand Street Community Band, Kings County Concert Band, and Brooklyn Wind Symphony. Over the course of 2 hours, the three flagship organizations will bring you performances of over a dozen works from both world-renowned composers and up-and-coming stars. (850 Grand St, BK, 3pm, $sugg don)

SOCIAL DANCE: Swing Remix Dance Party
This final dance of the winter 2020 season includes pre-dance workshops, a beginner swing class, live music by Joe Smith & The Spicy Pickles, dance performances and lots of social dance time. Plus a vintage market, vintage films and give aways at showtime hour. (JCC Manhattan, 334 Amsterdam Ave, 6:30pm workshops/7:30 GA, $18/$30 incl workshops)

PERFORMANCE: Inner Reflections
A theatrical ritual performance exploring Tarot, magic, and relationships as reflections of our higher selves. A bizarre 3-act piece, it will take you through an intense journey with blood, love, and magic, and show how our ties with others can hold a mirror up to who we are, and who we are becoming. Utilizing elements from Tarot, everyday rituals, and some decidedly stranger ones, artists Spooky and Orb share aspects of their relationship to convey insights from the bonds of love. Almost all of their actions will be mirrors of each other. The entire durational piece is essentially a transformative rite that seeks to elevate our understanding of ourselves, as a group. Please dress comfortably, but in style. We want you to feel at home in a relaxed environment, but not like you’re at a slumber party. No pajamas. Wearing your finest flowing blacks is encouraged.  There are no shoes allowed at Temple, so choose your socks or no-socks accordingly. House slippers are also welcome, but we may quietly judge your crocs. We love witches, mediums, sorcerers, paladins, and even some bards. We also love everything weird under the sun and moon. Wear your strangeness, share your beauty; we want to meet you and see you in all your glory. (Temple NYC, BK, location with purchase, 7pm, $50)

COMEDY: Crazy Hot: The Wet Show
A comedy show about how looking wet/dewy/drenched is hot, hosted by two six-years-into-their-overnight-success comedians, Eileen Hanley & Lauren Aussem. Featuring New York comedians Ziwe, Drew Lausch, Zach Teague, & Andres Govea, we explore the hotness of wetness through slideshows, sketch, stand-up, singing, and sexy dancing (the five S's), while gradually embodying wetness throughout the show. Starting with a sensible application of highlight and lip gloss and climaxing with a sexy dance in soaking wet clothes, we will finally achieve our maximum state of hotness and prove without a shadow of a doubt that being wet? is crazy hot. (Caveat, 21 A Clinton, 9pm doors/9:30pm show, $12 adv/$15 door)


FILM/PARTY: CineKink Kick-Off Gala
Put on your shiny finery and help us kick off the 17th anniversary CineKink NYC in proper style. A pansexual celebration of epic proportions, the opening night gala will feature some sexy sensation stations, and a bevy of sultry performers on hand for your enjoyment. Plus, screenings of “Etérea”, “Etude #3”, and “Spellbound” from the festival. All that and a kinky raffle, with fabulous prizes. (Taj Lounge, 48 W 21st St, 8pm, $25 sun dona, 21+)


WORD: Zero Waste NYC Workshop Series: How to go Zero Waste & Live Sustainably
Join this workshop where they will share simple swaps and provide advice on how to start (or improve) your zero waste journey. For the second half of the evening enjoy a panel with zero waste practioners and entrapreneurs who are making a difference in the sustainability space. Panelists include: Emily Gallagher & Austin Elston, Co-founders of Fishtown Films; Lauren Sweeney, Co-founder and CMO of Deliver Zero; Jacqueline Martin from NYC Fair Trade Coallition. (DSNY Spring Street Garage, 353 Spring St, 6:30pm-8:300pm, $15 adv/$20 door)

ART/MUSIC: Augmented Reality Art & Music Show MindGazm, Drew Proud, Brian T
tix:  https://buytickets.at/rightnowproductions/351352       
Art will merge with music in an Augmented Reality tasting. Paintings will come alive as featured artist Artem Miro will display his best works in an immersive art and music experience. The night will continue with visuals that will complement live DJ set performances by MindGazm featuring guest musicians  Drew Proud with his melodic deep house grooves, and Brian Thabault with his majestic flavor of minimal deep house. And Humo Maya and Tico Chango will be bringing their Cosmic 3D UV Portal A Visionary Shamanic UV Body & Canvas painting experience. (Nublu 151, 151 Loisaida Ave, 8pm-4am, $15-$20)

FILM: CineKink Film Festival
CineKink recognizes and encourages the positive depiction of sexuality and kink in film and television. Featuring a carefully-curated program of films and videos that celebrate and explore the wide diversity of sexuality, with offerings drawn from both Hollywood and beyond, works presented by CineKink range from documentary to drama, camp comedy to artsy experimental, mildly spicy to quite explicit — and everything in between. In addition to screenings, the annual festival also includes a short film competition, audience choice awards, presentations, parties and a gala kick-off fundraiser. Festival continues next week. (Anthology Film Archive, 32 Second Ave, see site for details, $15-$105)

[Art opportunities, promotions, sales, news. Non-event ephemera...]

FILM: 20th Anniversary Bicycle Film Festival open for film submissions - Deadline March 27
Each year, the BFF programming team reviews over 1000 short and feature length films to select 60-70 works from over 25 countries. Documentary, narrative, animation, music video, experimental - all are welcomed.


ART: Super Funland - Journey Into The The Erotic Carnival
The Museum of Sex explores the sexual origins of the carnival in a combination history and group-art exhibition, SUPER FUNLAND: Journey into the Erotic Carnival. The history gallery takes visitors from the carnival’s ancient bacchanalian origins to its evolution in pre-industrial Europe and the “midway” of the 20th century’s great World’s Fairs, describing how its licentious and permissive subtext has remained intact. The group art show tells this story in thirteen one-of-a-kind commissioned amusements created by an internationally renowned team of artists and designers, bringing themes of sexual carnality, decadence, and joy to a contemporary audience. (thru TBD, Museum of Sex, 233 Fifth Ave, see site for details, $18)

THEATER: SKiNFoLK: An American Show
A wide-sweeping concert/play structured in seven movements that explores the questions and limits (?) of blackness, performance, and country in a sensuous and reflective cabaret experience. As the music sounds, you drop down into a ritual of liberation, bearing witness to the playwright-performer's identity, heritage and legacy as a black woman in this America. This play collides with blues, jazz, neo soul, pop, rock and spiritual black legacies. What will you see in the archive? Who will you meet? What is down at the root? What color is the sky again? By Jillian Walker. Directed by Mei Ann Teo. Presented by The Bushwick Starr & National Black Theatre in association with Musical Theatre Factory. (thru 3/14, The Bushwick Starr, 207 Starr St, BK, see site for details, $25)

PERFORMANCE: The Artist Will Be With You In A Moment
A comic everyman is on a never-ending quest to be understood. His audience awaits. Fill in the blanks in this multimedia event that asks us to investigate where the artist’s journey ends and the audience’s begins. Created, Written, and Performed by Joel Jeske. Directed by Mark Lonergan. Jeffrey and Paula Gural Theatre (thru 3/29, A.R.T./New York Theatres, 502 W 53rd St, see site for details, $30-$50)

ART: A Romantic Comedy
This group exhibition features innovative collaborations with emerging artists and alternative art spaces on the subject of romance in the 2020s. A Romantic Comedy explores courtship, domesticity, and the workplace—what society presents to the world versus what is hidden. Without suggesting any happy endings, the show comes together with both confusion and fantasy without the cliches of the struggling Hollywood genre. The exhibition features over 50 works of art created by over 25 international and local artists. Curated by Sophia Sobers and Steven Pestana. (thru 3/31, Wed-Sun, Wallplay Williamsburg, 25 Kent, BK, 11am-7pm, FREE)

In the land of two bridges The Fre, a rambunctious group of fun loving anti-intellectuals spend their days cavorting in the mud. Into their midst descends Hero, a dandy aesthete, who longs to cut the bridge and finally escape the mud pit. But first he must convince the leader Frankie Fre and the other fatuous inhabitants that there is a better life outside of the swamp. In this queer love story, audiences will literally and figuratively jump into the mud with the Fre to hash out the current cultural divide. The play is set in a giant ball pit with audience seating inside and out. (thru 4/12, The Flea Theater, 20 Thomas St, see site for details, $25-$50)

ART/PERFORMANCE: The Plastic Bag Store
A public art installation and immersive theater piece by artist and director Robin Frohardt employing humor, craft, and a critical lens to our culture of consumption and convenience - specifically, the enduring effects of our single-use plastics. Shelves will be stocked with thousands of original, hand-sculpted items - produce and meat, dry goods and toiletries, cakes and sushi rolls - all made from discarded, single-use plastics in an endless flux of packaging. At night, the store transforms into an immersive, dynamic set for free performances where hidden worlds and inventive puppetry tell the darkly comedic, sometimes tender story of how the overabundance of plastic waste we leave behind might be misinterpreted by future generations. (thru 4/12, Tue-Sun, 20 Times Square, Corner of 47th St & 7th Ave, 7pm & 9pm, FREE w/registration)

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