[G&S]: OK, we're back: (virtual) S*x Bingo tonight with Stoya / Your online events 3.27-4.2

From: "Gemini & Scorpio" <gs@PROTECTED>
Subject: [G&S]: OK, we're back: (virtual) S*x Bingo tonight with Stoya / Your online events 3.27-4.2
Date: March 27th 2020

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Hello lovelies,

We should have known better than to think we could just...do nothing. Just not in our bones. So, here's our lockdown plan: we'll do the usual weekly list of events, but obviously stick to virtual options, and we'll bring some of our regular programming online, as well. Like any small business, we're worried about our own and our crew's existence, but for us, that crew is a collection of artists and performers whom we're trying to find ways to support.

We've already gone virtual over at our sex-positive sister-brand site, House of Scorpio. Last week, we hosted our usual adult book club with Stoya on Zoom, and it was great. Tonight, HoS & Stoya premier an event we'd hoped to bring you live this spring: Sex Bingo. Coming up: mental health check-ins with therapists leading the group, adult ed classes, mixers, and lots of other plans. We won't be able to list everything here, so you may want to get on the (now global!) mailing list over at http://www.houseofscorpio.com -- but in the meantime, Sex Bingo is listed below.

A financial reminder: the pandemic has put us and all events-related professionals in the position of losing 100% of our income for the foreseeable future. If your current financial situation allows, please consider donating your regular going out budget to producers and performers who have no option to work from home. We're trying to stage online events that will support our artists; we appreciate you buying tickets to those. We also have a "donate" button in the right sidebar of our website, if you'd just like to make a contribution -- or you can Venmo us at @Gemini-Scorpio (moon stage pic). Anything you send is gratefully received, and will help us make it through this very scary patch. Another way you can help is sign up for a monthly membership at HoS, which will not only help us survive in the short term, but will offer you 50-100% on all events once we reopen: http://www.houseofscorpio.com/membership.html (we're also working on members-only perks, like video archives of our online events).


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BINGO: 3.27

House of Scorpio

(Virtual) Sex Bingo
hosted by Stoya

Friday, March 27*, 6-9pm, 21+ (25+ suggested)
Monthly HoS members: $0-6; non-members $12 with virtual bingo / $6 without (both can win)
Official info & house rules: http://www.houseofscorpio.com/events.html
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/639433380225672
Socials: @gemini_scorpio #houseofscorpio

Video conference: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/699199365
Bingo game: https://www.bingomaker.com/app/play - search for "SxBingo1" private game (SxBingo2 is backup game)
Password for both sent in ticket purchase confirmation email
Memberships & tickets: http://www.houseofscorpio.com/membership.html

Pornographer Stoya hosts a brand new party night of participatory adult edutainment. Sex Bingo objectifies the bingo wheel, turning it into a tool to spark conversations about sex. Spin the wheel, match the number to a topic and jump into discussion. Ask a question. Tell an anecdote. Express a qualm. Or, just follow the numbers with your bingo card. Maybe both? Why not both? Let's do both. Porn-tastic prizes from ZeroSpaces.com awarded for bingo wins, as well as Most Entertaining, Most Informative and Most Thought-Provoking contributions (you don't need bingo cards to win in these categories, but obviously you can't bingo without a card).

Prizes from ZeroSpaces.com:
All Bingo! winners: free access to the EXPLORE issue
Most entertaining: free access to the SENSE issue
Most informative: free access to the LIVE issue
Most thought-provoking (best in show!): free access to all THREE issues

House rules: no jokes (personal funny stories are fine). Be respectful of all participants. House of Scorpio code of conduct always applies. Due to the nature of the prizes, winners will need to provide proof of age. Silly outfits and cocktails are strongly encouraged.


Some basic video-conferencing tips:
- Control your privacy by turning your camera on/off and choosing your screen name.
- Get headphones. Any sound from your speakers will be picked up by your mic.
- Mute yourself unless actively talking.
- There's about a second delay in audio. Pause longer than usual to give people time to reply.
- Be on time. You can join the waiting room 10 min prior to doors to test your setup. The event will start as scheduled.

/// NYC EVENTS: 3.27-4.2 ///


PUPPETS: Sheep #1 Free Streaming
Streaming Performance on Vimeo. Inspired by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's writings, sheep #1 is the adventure of a sheep in search of the meaning of life. The performance is in the style of Microscopic Live Cinema-Theatre, where Sachiyo Takahashi manipulates small characters who are magnified with a video camera and projector. This creates an intimate dream-like experience by combining cinematic presentation and live operation. An abstract storytelling, sheep #1 is presented without spoken words, accompanied by Electroacoustic soundtrack by Sachiyo and original live music by Emile Blondel with excerpts from music of Frédéric Chopin and Franz Schubert. The recording is from the US premiere at The Tank, NYC on May 18, 2018. All ages. (Fri-Thu, Vimeo, see link, FREE)

MUSIC: Music Never Sleeps
24 hour classical music lifestream marathon. (Sat/Sun, see site for details, 6pm-6pm, FREE)


WORD/PARTICIPATORY: Rooftop Rhythms - Virtual Poetry Open Mic Night
The Middle East’s longest-running open mic night continues online with Facebook Live. See leading and up-and-coming spoken word artists, poets, and musicians presenting original material. Experience culturally-diverse voices with a lineup that features open mic nights and poetry slams, hosted by founder Dorian Paul Rogers and featuring the smooth sounds of DJ A.L.L.A.D. (see site for details, 8pm-9:30pm, FREE)

VARIETY: La Petite Mort's Anthology of Ero*** Esoterica - Catastrophe
Tix: anthology.ticketleap.com/march/
A variety show focusing on the darker side of performance art. The performers are of a higher caliber and the setting is aesthetically fitting and intimate. There's more to it though once you get to the heart of the gatherings. You have to go and ask to find out. Performances by Justin Therrien, Avery Young, Louie Foxx, Scarlett O'Hairdye, La Petite Mort Mort, Maestro Kevin Incroyable. There will be ab email a link the day of and have folks on hand to answer questions. (live stream, 8pm pre-show/8:30pm performances, $20, 18+)

MUSIC: Stay the Folk Home! w/ Mamie Minch LIVE
Jalopy brings live performances streamed from a responsible distance from your favorite Jalopy Theatre regulars. They will have donate links in the description and all proceeds will be split between Jalopy and the artists, to help keep them afloat in this new era. (Jalopy Theatre and School of Music Facebook Page, 8pm-9pm, FREE)

BURLESQUE: Fire & Fury: Burlesque & Chill
Join in for acts from performers, filmed right in their own homes and gogo sets from incredible dancers who you can tip straight from your couch. Performances by: Nasty Canasta, Gal Friday, Qualms Galore, Nip Fury, Audrey Love, Logan Laveau, and Francine the Lucid Dream. Hosted by Rex Halligan and Nip Fury. Plus, your favorite bartenders will be creating some immunity-based cocktails that you can easily make at home with what's already in your cabinets! Watch this video extra before the show starts so you can mix along with Cory and tip your bartender! All money earned from these videos will be split evenly between all of the performers. (Vimeo on Demand, 9pm, $5 rent/$10 buy)


MUSIC/WORD: Beats Antique Live Stream
A stage show that demands more music; music that needs costumes, ships and masks and shadow dances; an audience that comes for art, and takes away stories to feed their imagination. A chat and stream of a few classic performances and music videos. Dress: PJs. (Facebook Live, 3pm-5pm, FREE)

word: The Virtual Shed: Close Encounters
This is a time for stories. And time for The Shed to rise from the ashes into the ether. Sign up to receive your Zoom link and to be entered into the lottery for a storytelling slot. You’ll receive the secret link via email next Saturday eve. Dress Code: Prepper-formal, survivalist elegance. No PJs allowed, unless that’s your thing. (via Zoom,7:30pm drinks/8:00pm story time, $ugg don)

PERFORMANCE: Juliette of the Spirit
A virtual Soiree, an avant grade, champagne infused, Fellini inspired house party. It’s more important than ever to connect to community, so the “juliette of the spirits” soirée is going virtual. More details will be coming soon. It’s a bit of an experiment, but a great way to both keep shanghai mermaid and their performer community afloat. This soirée will be by donation, and free of charge for those who cannot or choose not to donate. Revenue will be split among musicians & performers. (Shanghai Mermaid, see site for details, 9pm, $sugg don)


PUPPETS: Judy & Weasel: PIRATE TV from NYC
For those of you who watched last week, Weasel, Citizen Hero's first Dumpster Fireside Chat was mysteriously interrupted halfway through! Who could be responsible for this obvious case of censorship? The NRA? Lizard People? The crooked government? Well, never fear, because Weasel and Judy are dedicated to bringing you the answers to questions you never knew you desperately needed to know! Donate online during the show. Half the money goes to the Jalopy, half to the performers. (Boxcutter Collective’s Facebook Page, see site for details, 8pm, $sugg don)


WORD: Two Scenes of Brooklyn: 19th Century Life on the Waterfront (Virtual Session)
Inside the Brooklyn Historical Society’s DUMBO exhibition space are two iconic images of the borough: Francis Guy’s 1820 painting of the small hamlet, and Currier & Ives’ 1879 lithograph of the City of Brooklyn. Led by two of our expert guides, Andrew Gustafson and Stefan Dreisbach-Williams, they will unpack the history of the people and places in these dense images and what they tell us about Brooklyn’s waterfront communities in the nineteenth century. (via Zoom webinar, see site for details, 11am, $5)

PUPPETS: PuppetTime Online: Puppet Kitchen brings puppetry to you by the power of the internet
Join Puppet Kitchen's Eric Wright on Instagram Live for PK's first ever PuppetTime Online! Part virtual workshop, part chance to connect during an unsettling time and think about something more fun: puppets! Eric Wright puppeteers Audrey II in Off-Broadway's Little Shop of Horrors. (Instagram Live, 2pm, FREE)


PUPPETS: Virtual Toy Theater Festival Day 1
Toy Theater practitioners from around the world will offer original short shows. From the intimacy of the Victorian parlor to the intimacy of your personal viewing device, puppeteers transform the traditional form to reach out during these days of separation. (Virtual Tour of Great Small Works, 7:30pm, FREE)

WORD/MUSIC: 'History of Jazz in New York City' Webinar & 78rpm Listening Party
Led by DJ and jazz historian Matthew “Fat Cat” Rivera, this virtual presentation and listening party will include an overview of the rise of jazz in New York, and how it evolved over the decades, a discussion around key moments, artists, and venues in NYC's jazz scene between the 1920s and 1960, a deep dive into the legendary jazz performers that dominated the NYC jazz scene, from Duke Ellington, to Charlie Parker, to Billie Holiday, and a listening party featuring a curated selection of one-of-a-kind 78rpm records, played on vintage high-fidelity speakers throughout the evening. Any and all questions about jazz are welcomed and encouraged! (see site for details, 8pm-10pm, $10)

[Art opportunities, promotions, sales, news. Non-event ephemera...]

FILM: 20th Anniversary Bicycle Film Festival open for film submissions - Deadline March 27
Each year, the BFF programming team reviews over 1000 short and feature length films to select 60-70 works from over 25 countries. Documentary, narrative, animation, music video, experimental - all are welcomed.


PUPPETS: Through the Narrows: A Creative Social Distance Experience
Z Puppets welcomes award-winning puppetry artists Shari Aronson and Cherokee tribal member Chris Griffith share stories of two characters from their own ancestry: a 3500 year old Jewish woman, recounting her crossing of the Red Sea, and a 6-yr old Cherokee boy bearing witness to the Trail of Tears. With the music by Greg Herriges, slide across centuries and continents to travel the rich emotional landscape from struggle to triumph. Directed by artist/activist Laurie Witzkowski. (thru 5/1, Audio Webcast $sugg don of $5, 9+)

HERE@Home is a series of live Facebook screenings of past HARP and HERE shows. Shared for free with our community every Wednesday at 7pm, these screenings give people the opportunity to relive a performance and connect socially as part of a digital screening party. The lead artists behind the pieces will be present and part of a live chat for viewers to ask questions. (Here Arts Center Facebook Page, see site for details, FREE)

The Lourvre offers 3 virtual tours on its site: The Advent of the Artist, Egyptian Antiquities, and Remains of the Louvre’s Moat. (see site for details, FREE)

VIRTUAL TOUR: The Met 360 Project
This award-winning series of six short videos invites viewers around the world to virtually visit The Met's art and architecture in a fresh, immersive way. Created using spherical 360° technology, it allows viewers to explore some of the Museum's iconic spaces as never before. (see site for details, FREE)


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