[G&S]: Holiday gifts & secret experience from us / Your NYC & online events 12.04-10

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Subject: [G&S]: Holiday gifts & secret experience from us / Your NYC & online events 12.04-10
Date: December 4th 2020

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Hello lovelies,

We have a surprise for you for the holiday season and beyond. While we cannot host our usual events in person at the loft, we have found a way for you to have a safe night out with us. Over the last two months, we've built a jewel box speakeasy below our main space. It's a luscious indoor "garden" lodge, inspired by The Emperor's Garden: a corner of Forbidden City palace complex in Beijing that was untouched for about 100 years & was being painstakingly restored for the last 15, to open in...2020. Our installation is just a tiny bit of love from Brooklyn to China, at a time when the world couldn’t be more split apart. It's designed for COVID pods of up to 8 people, and runs entirely unstaffed -- which means masks are not required once you're inside. Handcrafted libations are pre-bottled & ready to enjoy on the spot or at home (or to be gifted to cocktail lovers you know). A mini couch folds out, if you're booking for date night makeouts & cuddle puddles. Snack options will be added soon. Book your time window & enjoy -- and of course the experience itself can be gifted. You can also book the room for meetings, shoots, Zoom events, etc. Bookings will officially start next week for the weeks ahead, but we're also doing a few test runs beforehand; reply if you want to be among our beta testers. We've been posting sneak previews of the space on Insta, if you're curious!

We'd love it if you considered us in your holiday shopping planning, whether for the above options, or with other items we currently offer. You can see the links in the signature below for options already listed online, but we can also package up custom wax play kits & have those gorgeous handmade shibari rope harnesses & accessories from London designer Figure of A: https://figureofa.com

Much like all other nightlife places & people, we've lost 100% of income since the pandemic started. We hope to meet you on the other side, but we'd very much appreciate your help in covering the bills. We are working hard to create value-added options, as above, but of course donations are great too.


Gemini & Scorpio,
makers of themed costume events with live entertainment

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/// NYC & ONLINE EVENTS: 12.04 - 12.10 ///


FUNDRAISER: The Ars Nova Forever Telethon
Join the Arts Nova team for this epic livestream running nonstop for 24 hours. Featuring more than 150 artists, the telethon is raising funds to support Ars Nova’s artistic programs throughout this unconventional season. (Fri/Sat, online, see site for details, 6pm-6pm, $sugg don)

PERFORMANCE: Gathering The Magic
Imagine if “This American Life” collaborated with David Copperfield to create an evening of magical theater. Magician and storyteller Nelson Lugo combines slice-of-life storytelling with sophisticated stage magic, weaving autobiographical tales with classic turn-of-the-century parlor magic to present sleight-of-hand in a whole new way. He lures his audience into an intricate web of pop cultural influences and valuable life lessons that is greater than the sum of its parts. "...stories are captivating, and he has excised so much of what some people hate about magic that I strongly urge non-fans to see this unique performance." - Stage Buddy. "Lugo is a fine raconteur and eminently likeable... Tales are told with excellent pacing and focus; humor emerges deftly." - Theater Pizzazz. (Fri/Sat 8pm, Sun 5pm, Zoom link sent 1 hour before show, $26 per device)

FILM: Kill It And Leave This Town
Polish artist Mariusz Wilczyński has been making visually striking, deeply personal short animations, as well as unique live animation performances, for twenty years, a body of work that has won him widespread acclaim in Poland and tributes at institutions around the world. Fifteen years in the making, “Kill It And Leave This Town” (2020, 88 min) is Wilczyński’s first feature-length film. It is a hauntingly surreal meditation on aging, mortality, and loss. Purchasing a streaming rental of the feature film will also grant access to a selection of Wilczyński's short films. (Fri-Tue, online, link with purchase, 7pm, $12)

PUPPETS: Qualified Alien
A puppet and their assistant petition to join the circus. Rosa Douglas and Ben Elling light a candle for the meritocracy in this short puppet play, adapted for screen. (Fri-Thu, this week and next, online, see site for details, FREE)

SHOP: Yes Holiday Market 2020
Get festive AF, hit the hot cocoa, take a holiday photo with the polar bear, and shop a curated collection of weird, wild, and wonderful. Featuring seasonal, handmade, and artisan jewelry, crafts, clothing, goods, gifts, arts, textiles, festival wear, menswear and more. RSVP to guarantee entry. Walk-ins admitted based on capacity. (Sat/Sun, House of Yes, 2 Wyckoff Ave, 12pm-6pm, FREE)


VARIETY: The Salon: Quarantine Speakeasy
Join Prohibition Productions for Repeal Day & the final episode of the year of their all-Star variety show featuring favorite performers streaming live from New York City into your own quarantine speakeasy. Featuring: Svetlana & The Delancey Five, Dennis Lichtman & Tamar Korn, The Hot Toddies Jazz Band, dancers Evita & Latasha Barnes, Repeal Day Cocktails W. Old Forester, and Dj Brian Ferdman. (Zoom & FB, see site for details, 7pm-9pm, $5 sugg don)

BIKE: Winter Wonderland on Wheels - A Holiday Playa Ride
The Deep Playa comes to New York City to celebrate the holiday season for the last ride of the year. This magical journey carved through the streets of New York City will house 5 interactive stops, all safely and responsibly planned for an unforgettable experience. Let your bike or your body be your canvas. Over the top, imaginative and creative looks are highly encouraged, as long as they are complete with a mask. Secret After-Party To Follow (see site for meet up locations, 8pm meet/8:30pm ride, FREE)


SHOP: Holiday Bazaar! At The City Reliquary
Shop for home-grown gifts of all kinds and categories at City Reliquary’s inaugural holiday bazaar. Live music and drag performances throughout. Currently confirmed vendors include Shoebox Baking Co, Boi Package, String Theories Shop, Chris of Hur, Nasty Belle, & Bluum with shows by your Fantasy Grandma, Fripp, Earls2Gearls, Daniel and Dan Dan, and Chris of Hur. Masks required. (370 Metropolitan Ave, 12pm-4pm, FREE)

PARTICIPATORY: Game Play: Between Fantasy and Realism
As part of Game Play, a new limited series of live online role-playing games, interactive artist and MoMI’s Game Artist in Residence Sharang Biswas leads interactive mini-adventures in realms of fantasy, realism, and everything in between. This Sunday, become an adolescent superhero as your true identity emerges in Brendan Conway’s Masks. Limit 24 players. (online, see site for details, 6pm, $25, 16+)

ART/FILM: Puppetoon Secret Speakeasy
The Museum of Interesting Things takes over your eyes and ears for a special 16mm film festival of Puppetoons, vintage puppet/marionette, stop motion, animation and more. We will show 16mm films using 1960’s Kodak projectors. We will also bring items from our vast collection of antique marionettes and toys, most of which you can actually handle. Live performances too. You can come visit live or enjoy virtually with zoom link sent with tickets. (Live or Online, link with purchase, 7pm-9pm, $10)

WORD: Profs & Pints Online: Nightmares Before Christmas
A discussion of Krampus and other dark holiday lore, with William Egginton, professor of humanities and director of the Alexander Grass Humanities Institute at Johns Hopkins University. (online, see site for details, 7pm, $12)


WORD: 'The Untold History of Absinthe and the Green Fairy' Webinar
For nearly a century, absinthe was an illegal substance in America and most of the world, blamed for everything from hallucinations and delirium to even violent rampages. Join New York Adventure Club as they explore the incredible story surrounding absinthe, and how this misunderstood spirit wound up being illegal in most parts of the world until the 21st century. Led by Don Spiro, co-founder of the Green Fairy Society and one of the creators of New York's vintage scene, this virtual experience will include: The history of absinthe, from its creation by a French doctor living in Switzerland, to why it was banned in so many countries under false pretenses; A discussion around why absinthe is a spirit and how it fits into the world of other spirits; A live demonstration of how absinthe is made and traditionally served — follow along by gathering a bottle of absinthe (or high proof whiskey or rum), ice, and water; and more. Q&A to follow. (online, link with purchase, 7pm-8:30pm, $10)


PUPPETS: International Puppet Parlor
HERE’s annual celebration of puppets takes the stage, digitally this time. Featuring puppet artists from all over the world, this exclusive evening of puppetry is sure to delight. Artists include Théâtre d’Illusia (France), Silencio Blanco (Chile), Plexus Polaire (Norway), Rasputin Marionettes (USA), Yumiko Tanaka (Japan), and Basil Twist (UK). (online, see site for details, 7pm, $5-$50 sugg don)


OPENING: Rubulad: Winter Wonderland
info: https://www.facebook.com/events/136725434607436
tix: https://artery.is/showcases/winter-wonderland
The artists of the long-running Brooklyn group Rubulad will present a live, outdoor, socially-distanced immersive art event in the yard of their Bushwick space. Every night of the event will be unique, featuring a revolving roster of artists who will create light shows, snowglobe-style projections, ornate shadow puppetry, a take-and-leave-a-gift tree, dreamy icicle music, and many other shimmering surprises. Artists include shadow puppeteers Midnight Radio Show, circus performers Modern Gypsies Productions, Visuals by B.A. Miale, projections by Preston Spurlock, surrealist puppeteer Kate Brehm with her Poofs, and the synth-pop trio Couch Prints. Visual artists creating installations include Daupo, Ricardo Rivera, Darrell Thorne, Heather Schimpf, Myke Flaherty, Kim Couchot, Cat Tassini, Typical Tom, and Miles Angerson. Tickets to the event will be timed to limit the number of people in the yard. Revelers will be required to wear masks, and temperatures will be taken at the entrance. (Rubulad, address with tix purchase, BK, 6:30pm-9:30pm, $10)

WORD: No, YOU Tell It! “Precious”
Zoom Meeting ID: 973 9881 8640
passcode: storyswap
Join storytellers Nita Noveno, Heather Quinlan, Sokunthary Svay, and Gail Thomas as they swap stories they have wrote, workshopped, inspired by the theme “Precious”. Audience members will have a chance to answer trivia questions and win storyteller Heather Quinlan’s new book, Plagues, Pandemics and Viruses: From the Plague of Athens to Covid-19. (zoom, 7pm, FREE)


VARIETY/PARTICIPATORY: Season 2: Bindlestiff Open Stage Quarantine Edition
Enjoy a non-stop variety show experience that may include world famous magicians, gender bending jugglers, circus legends, trained rats, novelty musicians, aerial artists, wire walkers, sideshow performers, puppeteers, living cartoons, physical comedy, contortionists, performance artists, and more. Hosted by Keith "Bindlestiff" Nelson, the special Quarantine Edition deals with social distance and isolation head on. Using the tools of video conferencing, Bindlestiff’s Open Stage will feature each act live in their own location. Also featuring circus historian, retired NYU professor, burlesque & circus performer, polar bear promoter, and Chairman of the Board of Bindlestiff, Hovey Burgess. "Ask Hovey" your circus history questions at bindlestiff.org/askhovey. (thru 12/21, Mon, FB & YouTube, 8pm EST, FREE/$sugg don)

WORD: Beowulf
A marathon reading of a new translation of Beowulf by Maria Dahavana Headley, read in 25 parts over 25 days by an all-star cast. Participating artists include: Miz Cracker, ,Diane Cook, Justin Vivian Bond, Neil Gaiman, Sara Quin, Alan Cumming, and more. (thru 12/25, see site for details, FREE)

ART: Edge of Light EWxbition
A dark space exhibition that brings together artists working with light as a material and medium. Featuring: Emily Allyn Andersen, Ed Bear, Blinn & Lambert, Julian Day & Kamari Carter, Rachel Guardiola, Emma Hendry, Jess Holz, Rita Jimenez, Shohei Katayama, Nooshin Rostami and Evan Voelbel. Curated by Jonathan Sims. (thru 12/27, Thu-Sun, Plaxall Gallery, 5-25 46th Ave, LIC, see site for details, FREE)

FILM: Anthology Film Archives - 50Th Anniversary
A series of online programming to celebrate Anthology Film Archive’s 50 years. Check site for regularly updated programming info. (thru 12/31, online, see site for details, 7pm, FREE)

THEATER/PUPPETS: Voyeur: The Windows of Toulouse-Lautrec
Peer through the windows of old Paris, where unexpected moments of art, beauty, and seduction await you during this pandemic-friendly theatrical walking tour inspired by Bated Breath Theatre’s long-running immersive hit Unmaking Toulouse-Lautrec (named one of the “best immersive plays and interactive theatrical experiences” by Time Out.) In this open air, intimate theatrical experience, you and seven other masked audience members will be guided through the dreams of iconic artist Toulouse-Lautrec as he recalls his final absinthe-laced years living and working in Montmartre. The sidewalks, doorways and windows of Greenwich Village become the setting as live accompaniment collides with the city’s soundscape, transporting you into the bohemian world of 1899 Paris. (thru 1/10, multiple Greenwhich Village locations, see site for info, $75)

THEATER: Liars and Believers’ “Macbeth” in serialized form.
LAB presents Shakespeare’s Macbeth in serialized form. Each episode is 5-10 minutes long. New episode posted each week. (LAB website, FREE)

FILM: Rooftop Films’ Brooklyn Drive-in
Enjoy a diverse collection of films from the comfort of your car, with stereo sound tuned directly through your car’s FM stereo. (thru fall, Brooklyn Army Terminal, 80 58th St, see site for details, $35)

FILM: Rooftop Films’ Queens Drive-in
Enjoy a diverse collection of films from the comfort of your car, with stereo sound tuned directly through your car’s FM stereo. (thru fall, NYSCI in Flushing Meadows Park, see site for details, $35)

FILM: Outdoor Cinema at Parklife
Each Wednesday Parklike will present a different film with trivia. (thru fall, Parklife, BK, 7:30pm, FREE)

THEATER: Performance for One
A one-on-one theater performance, now presented live over Skype. The performance is about memory, but even more so, it is about relationship between performer, audience member, and author. What is the responsibility of the audience member, and how is it felt differently when there is only one audience member? Who is the story teller, the author or the performer? What happens to a memory that two people share after one of those people is gone? With a rotating cast of actors, including Elizabeth Chappel, Joshua Coleman, Andrea Gallo, Jan Leslie Harding, Allison Hiroto, Yvonne Roen, and Melissa Rakiro. (Skype, see site for details, FREE)

THEATER: 24 Hr Plays’ Viral Monologues
New monologues written, rehearsed, recorded and released on IGTV in 24 hours. (24hoursplays online, see site for details, FREE/sugg don)

THEATER: The 7th Voyage of Egon Tich
A live-streamed digital theater performance based on The Star Diaries by Stanislaw Lem. The team behind A Hunger Artist, in collaboration with Theater in Quarantine, returns with an adaptation of Stanislaw Lem’s story—set in outer space, performed in a closet in the East Village, and beamed straight to you in whichever room you’re finding yourself stuck in. (Sinking Ship website, FREE/$10)


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