[G&S]: The end of an era / What's next

From: "Gemini & Scorpio" <gs@PROTECTED>
Subject: [G&S]: The end of an era / What's next
Date: July 23rd 2021

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Hello lovelies,

You might have guessed that we've been quiet because a LOT has been happening. We'll have more to tell you soon, but let's start with this:

- The G&S Loft is officially no more as of Oct 1. Our landlord has been nothing but generous and supportive, and the reason we have to leave is outside of his control and isn't even about us. There is some chance we could come back one day, but we won't be able to figure it out without lawyer/architect/expediter support. If anyone in our network has experience dealing with DOB/CFO issues, please reach out; better still if you have a direct contact at DOB.

- Yes, we are looking for a new home, hopefully still in the neighborhood, or at least close to the big subway hubs. We're checking out everything that's publicly listed and have a few promising leads, but if anyone has a personal connection, please reach out.

- For extra fun, Miss Scorpio + her life partner need a place to live, as well. Also hopefully still somewhere around here: Gowanus, Slope, Boerum Hill, Fort Greene, P Heights, etc. We're checking out everything that's publicly listed for sale (ha!) or rent, but if anyone has a personal connection, please reach out. We're mid-40s WFH queer adults who need a fair amount of room plus some basic outdoor space, flex budget, no pets, either for just us two or sharing a multi-level home with you or someone we bring along, open to unusual spaces & arrangements. An unfurnished/semi-furnished sublet would be fine, too, so we can catch our breath.

- No, we do not know if we can host a party before go. But, starting this Sunday, we will have open house days when you can help us raise moving cash by emptying the place of all the fabulous fashions, random housewares and mementos, and of course whatever is left in the bar. We still have that vintage Playboy collection that has to go, too. For a preview of for-sale vintage, designer & statement fashions, see https://linktr.ee/miss_scorpio_fashion (you can also make a private appointment for virtually any day, for up to four people at once). The first shop-the-loft day is this Sunday, 12-6, and if there's enough people here to make it a casual hang after, we're open to that. You can just pop by and ring our bell. We can raise a glass to this place together as you browse. Vaccinated folks only, please, and let's continue to distance, as the Delta variant is no joke.

- Us leaving means that Plum Blossom Parlor, our immersive COVID-pod speakeasy experience, is closing as well, as it can't run without upstairs support. You can still book it through July-Aug, but we probably have to dismantle it by Sep. While it remains open, we can still put together tasting or gift packages for pickup or shipping. Everything comes in keepsake bottles, btw, so you can hold on to a tiny piece of us wherever you are in the world. Info: http://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.html

- How can you help? Aside from any leads as mentioned above, the single best thing is just funds. We will have some kind of coordinated fundraising effort once we've found a location and know our shortfall, but in the meantime, you can support us via Parlor bookings and package purchases, fashion sales, and donations (see signature). To find something like our Loft was nearly impossible 10 years ago...we don't need to tell you what the real estate landscape looks like now. Even though we've been preparing for this with savings, the numbers we're about to be dealing with are staggering. Every dollar helps.

- As we work around the clock to find our new home and pack up the old one, the weekly G&S events list will remain on pause. We will be back as soon as we can, we promise, with both the list and a new location.

- Finally, this is good news territory, though we have to wait a bit longer: we're still planning to host late-night courtyard events over at Industry City, but they are S-L-O-W to sign off on every tiny thing. Stay tuned to this list for future dates, and get in touch if you want to host something there.

- We're still waiting on pics from Renegade Pride. Krys Fox, our genius photog, has been on travels since immediately after the event, but we know he's been editing like mad in this past week. Hang tight.

We love you, and we've loved our last 20 years of event production and the last 10 of our magic Loft. We will continue this wild adventure with you very soon.

Gemini & Scorpio,
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