[G&S]: Outdoor dance party this Sat!

From: "Gemini & Scorpio" <gs@PROTECTED>
Subject: [G&S]: Outdoor dance party this Sat!
Date: September 9th 2021

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Hello lovelies,

We are briefly coming out of our self-imposed silence to let you know that our sex-positive LGBTQIA+ sister brand House of Scorpio is throwing down another outdoor dance party this Saturday for its community. It's likely the last one of the season, given how rainy it's been (TBC, obv) -- but the weather is looking gorgeous for this weekend, and we hope to give you one last blowout before we all go back indoors. You can't get any better than this: our own corner of a huge luscious courtyard, frozen drinks, outdoor dance floor, fire pit, lots of lounging room, etc. See below for full invite.

Heads up that HoS is a members-only group, but memberships start at just $5/mo with no required commitment minimum. It's a wonderful, fun, supportive community, and we hope you find friends and allies in it, wherever your gender, orientation or sexuality may fall. The party will be as COVID-safe as possible: vaccine required, outdoors and socially distant (and you can wear masks if closer than 6'). The membership system allows us to put your vaccine status on file, and helps us with contact tracing in case of a breakthrough infection.

For those who may be into our vintage, costume & designer collection: we don't have an official Raid The Racks plan for September, as it's our big moving month, but you can always make an appointment for pretty much any day. All the madness around losing the Loft is leaving no time for new online listings, either, so we are trying to do as much as we can in person. Hit us up and come get some fabulous wearables -- and help support us financially in this very tough stretch. A preview of about a third of the items here: https://linktr.ee/miss_scorpio_fashion

There's sadly no further news on trying to save our Loft or finding a new space. We're seeing lots of places and having lots of conversations, but nothing is solid enough to report back on. So if anyone might have leads on any space in the neighborhood, 2-4k sq ft w outdoor space, we're all ears.


Gemini & Scorpio,
makers of themed costume events with live entertainment

Donation info: https://www.paypal.me/geminiandscorpio or Venmo - @Gemini-Scorpio
Monthly donations via HoS: http://www.houseofscorpio.com/membership.html
Handmade merch (flasks & geeky buttons): https://www.etsy.com/shop/GeminiScorpio
Vintage, thrift & designer clothes: https://linktr.ee/miss_scorpio_fashion (reply for an in-person appt)

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House of Scorpio

Fierce! queer+ dance party & mixer

Saturday, Sep 11, 9pm-2am, $0-20 members / $25 member guests, 21+ (25+ suggested)
*Vaccine proof required for entry*
Memberships & tickets: http://www.houseofscorpio.com/membership.html
(Membership starts at $5/mo; log in to buy tix)
Brooklyn Wonderland pop-up: inner courtyard at Industry City, 3rd Ave bet 34/35 St, Sunset Park, BK

Official info & house rules: http://www.houseofscorpio.com/events.html
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/264070168639898
FL: https://fetlife.com/events/1027264
Socials: @gemini_scorpio #houseofscorpio

Calling all poly, swinger, kink, LGBTQIA+ and other "alternative" dating/sex/gender-aligned humans and their allies for a social & dance takeover of [some of] the huge, lush courtyard at Industry City: G&S' "Brooklyn Wonderland" late-night summer party pop-up. Outdoor dance floor. Frozen drinks. Fire pit. Cozy seating. Open skies. Let's close out the hot vax summer in style!

Dress code: your queerest self! Sparkly unicorns, leather daddies, LED aliens, fancy fairies, punk dykes, glitter glamour queens, sequin divas, kinky party monsters, dandy butches, neon rainbow bears...with sensible dancing shoes (think asphalt & gravel). This party is inclusive of all genders & expressions. As always, effort required / no entry otherwise...but we'll help you at door if you're under-dressed.

What is Brooklyn Wonderland? Gemini & Scorpio's summer 2021 late-night takeover of the lush courtyard at Industry City, in partnership with Barrow's Intense. Party schedule TK to G&S mail list. Curious to host or co-host an event here later this summer? Drop a note to BKLNwonderland[[at]]geminiandscorpio[[com]] --> Like us --> http://www.facebook.com/BKLNwonderland

COVID safety:
- Proof of vaccination is required to attend and will be added to your member profile for future events. We strongly recommend the official NY State Excelsior app, but you can also show your original vaccination card and photo ID (no copies of either).
- Attendance is by advance ticket purchase only; no door sales. Tip: download the Wild Apricot app for easy mobile ticket purchase, especially if buying last minute. Tickets are available online throughout the event unless we reach capacity.
- In an unlikely case of infection, our membership system will be used for contact tracing. Contact information is collected from all guests for this purpose.
- Masks are welcome but not required, and are recommended for the dance floor if not keeping 6' apart  (but there's plenty of room to dance at a safe distance).
- All G&S staff have been vaccinated, but may still mask up as they see fit.


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