[G&S]: We have our venue! Read on for all details...

From: "Gemini & Scorpio" <gs@PROTECTED>
Subject: [G&S]: We have our venue! Read on for all details...
Date: August 9th 2022

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Hello lovelies,

This has been a very long and bumpy road, but Gemini & Scorpio Loft is officially moving...down the block, to the building across the roof from our old location. ICYM the video announcement (available on our FB & IG), here are the details.

The new space is much bigger at 5k sq ft overall (old loft footprint was 3k sq ft). While the main performance area will feel similar in size, it’s more square in shape, which opens it up for banquet-style events for 100-120 (weddings!). The space can also be split into a smaller performance area for 50-75p ticketed events and a freely accessible lounge. There will also be a dedicated 400sq ft bar area, one or two small semi-private party rooms, full backstage dressing room and 300sq ft catering kitchen. The ceilings have exposed beams, and are taller at 11’. We are on the third floor with elevator access, which means we can finally be fully wheelchair-accessible! There are three unisex toilets, two of which are also wheelchair-accessible. There is a 2k sq ft rooftop on the same level as our space, to which we won’t have access for a while, but are working hard to secure.

We know you want to know timelines and how you can help, but it’ll be a bit of time before we have everything worked out. Here is what we know so far and how you can jump in:

- Most likely, the earliest we can host anything is Halloween. Mailing list always gets first dibs, so yes, you'll know as soon as we know. We do post to socials, but...

- ...we’re still pretty much shadowbanned on all those. See signature for our FB, Insta & Twitter — whatever your preferred networks are, now is a good time to go interact with a few old posts and set us to “favorites” or “followed” or otherwise make sure you actually see our posts.

- Yes, House of Scorpio will return as well! Make sure you’re on that email list too, if those events are of interest; link in signature as well.

- We don’t yet have full fundraising plans in place, but we always accept donations on both our sites, and HoS has monthly memberships starting at just $5/mo. The monthly membership is our preferred support method, even at the lowest rung (and it’s the only way to access HoS tickets going forward). You can also send us donations directly via PayPal, Venmo, etc...yes you guessed it, that info in signature as well. This thing will be a beast to get off the ground, and every tiny bit helps.

- There will be days coming up when you can help us move or build, but we don’t have those set yet. We'll drop a line as soon as we know!

- Meanwhile, we have some specific PAID gigs, which we’d love to keep in the community. Friend rates would be amazing, but these are too big to be volunteering positions. What we’re looking for, ASAP: 1) expert website designer, likely Wordpress, but open to all. We’ll need calendar & shopping cart integration, at minimum, and seamless mobile performance. 2) GC/general handyman, plumber, electrician for both initial & ongoing work 3) upholsterer to redo our sad ottomans 4) pro seamstress to re-sew velvet theater curtain from existing panels 5) social media pro for either one-time consult or future part-time help 6) lighting designer for consult/research/install

Do you have something to share with our readers or events you'd like to have included in our emails? Did we miss anything? We're always open to suggestions & feedback. Write to us at gs@PROTECTED and tell us your thoughts.

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