[G&S]: All-dance party edition...kicking off w slow dance party next Sun 7.9

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Subject: [G&S]: All-dance party edition...kicking off w slow dance party next Sun 7.9
Date: June 30th 2023

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Hello lovelies,

Pride was incredible...but we're not done partying and dancing yet. Four entirely different dance parties coming your way in the next month or so.

- Sun 7.9 - Dance Hall of Languid Delight - this one is for those who remember...many years back, there was a magical all-vinyl old-timey slow dance party, with actual dance cards, partnered dances, and dance matrons matching up pairs. Everyone wore their Sunday best and had the most wholesomely fun time. We have partnered with the founder of the original event and are bringing it back for a very rare once-a-decade appearance.

- Sat 7.15 - Fierce! - a redo of our Renegade Pride dance party blowout, with queer DJs spinning happy beats, and our loft transformed into a full-on nightclub. Open to all!

- Thur 7.20 - Save the date! Fusion dance party, all info TK.

- Fri 8.18 - Our Dark Dance party is coming back, with some very special goth guest DJs. Tickets are already available, if you want to snag those lower cost tiers. More info TK next week.


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imnotlost + Gemini & Scorpio


Dance Hall of Languid Delight

Sun, July 9th, 7pm-12am, $15-40* adv / $25 door
Gemini and Scorpio Loft, 267 Douglass St, 3rd fl (ADA accessible), Gowanus, BK

Official site: https://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.html
Tix: https://buytickets.at/geminiandscorpio/940703
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1956207654728055
Socials: @gemini_scorpio #geminiandscorpio @imnotlostNY

Inspired by the dance halls of the early twentieth century and slow dancing from junior high school, The Dance Hall is an evening filled with tantalizing restraint.

Participants are given dance cards to arrange partnered prances for the night, and a slow dance lesson begins the evening. Wallflowers beware: you will be matched up by our roving matrons (note: gender is irrelevant for partner dancing). The esteemed DJ James Mulry delivers three sets of songs exclusively via vinyl record: all slow dances, all night. Hosted by the illustrious Kate Brehm.  

Dress as your most magnificent self.

Arrive on time to start filling your dance card. Dance lesson and evening instructions at 7:30pm. Dance card music sets begin at 7:45pm & end at 10:30pm; intermission between sets; free dance after.

*All tickets offer the same access to the event. Please buy at the highest price you can, to support artists, production and affordable tickets for everyone. For every patron ticket ($40) we add a low income ticket ($15).


House of Scorpio

Fierce! queer+ dance party & social

Sat, July 15, 10pm-3am, 21+ (25+ suggested)
For existing & prospective HoS members; members: $0-15 / non-members: $15
Our new location! Gemini & Scorpio Loft, 267 Douglass St, 3rd fl (ADA accessible)

Official info & house rules: http://www.houseofscorpio.com/events.html
Memberships & tix: http://www.houseofscorpio.com/membership.html (membership not required, but members get lower ticket rates)

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/655443599693686
FL: https://fetlife.com/events/1237584
Socials: @gemini_scorpio #houseofscorpio

Calling all poly, swinger, kink, LGBTQIA+ and other "alternative" dating/sex/gender-aligned humans and their allies for a social & dance blowout in our new nightlife lair. We got lights & smoke & lasers, booming bass, spinning disco ball, swirling visuals, lots of dance floor, killer AC. Lots of quieter space for socializing, with couches in the lounge and bar.

Queer DJs lay down beats, while flow & go go performers keep up the vibes (bring that folding money!). Headlining: DJ Illexxandra, with an eclectic mix of happy hits & house beats.

Trying something new! We've been getting inquiries about new people checking out HoS events just after the monthly mixer has passed. We're going to test Fierce! as a possible second monthly mixer where friends and future members are both invited. So this one is open to current members, prospective members and non-members alike.

Dress code: your queerest self! Sparkly unicorns, leather daddies, LED aliens, fancy fairies, punk dykes, glitter glamour queens, sequin divas, kinky party monsters, dandy butches, neon rainbow bears. This party is inclusive of all genders & expressions -- except casual wear. Dress to dance!

HoS rules: Dress code required; HoS membership, PAL or prior approval not required; Code of Conduct always applies; no photos except in the designated front area.

COVID safety: HoS requires proof of vaccination on file; masks encouraged; two hospital grade UV air purifiers will cycle the air.

PARTY: 8.18

Gemini & Scorpio

Dark Dance party

Fri 8.18, 9pm-2am, 21+ (25+ suggested), $10-30 adv / $20 door*
Our new location! 267 Douglass St, 3rd fl (ADA accessible)

Info: http://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.html
Tix: https://buytickets.at/geminiandscorpio/947782
Social media: @gemini_scorpio #geminiandscorpio

Calling all goths, vampires & kinksters for a classic goth dance party! We will turn the lights down low, blast goth & industrial to dance to, and project dark visuals. Light kink play welcome, on our many soft surfaces or our St Andrew's Cross. We embrace all genders and sexualities and levels of darkness.

On decks:

Special guest from LA: DJ Shiver has been bringing the best of darkwave, goth, industrial, and post-punk sounds since 2015. Having spun at Femme Fest LA, Defcon NYC, and co-founding clubs Dolce Vita and Physical Ruins, she continues to blend both beloved classics and the best of new dark music. She also runs Wire Trap music magazine featuring the best new darkwave and post-punk music and events.

Special guest from Belgium: DJ Wildhoney. Bio TK.

Dress code: goth, romantic, vampire, dark Lolita, neo-Victorian, steampunk, ninja warrior, fetish, Edward Scissorhands, at minimum all black / no streetwear.

*All tickets offer the same access to the event. Please buy at the highest price you can, to support artists, production and affordable tickets for everyone. For every patron ticket ($30) we add a low income ticket ($10).


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