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Subject: [G&S]: 8.16 - Femme Flirt / 9.22 - last Victorian Tea of the year / Your NYC events 8.2-8
Date: August 2nd 2019

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Hello lovelies,

We hope you join us this week and beyond for summertime fun:

Fri Aug 16 - This is really news from over at the House of Scorpio side, but: we're hosting a second incarnation of Femme Flirt, our femme-to-femme flirting party specifically focusing on bi women (though everyone from curious to gay is invited): https://houseofscorpio.com/events.html

Sun Sep 22: Grand Victorian Garden Tea, turn-of-century outdoors revelry in an 1830s carriage house and garden. Delicious treats and photo ops galore. Tix: http://victoriantea.brownpapertickets.com

We're also thinking of doing an "alternative" version of our Goldmine market in September: all your dark/Halloween needs plus kink and other adult items (toys! leather! latex!). Do you have things to sell in that vein or have vendors to recommend? We want to chat to everyone and see if this is a doable idea.


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LGBTQ: 8.16

House of Scorpio

Femme Flirt: queer flirting mixer

Fri Aug 16, 8pm-2am, 21+ (25+ suggested)
$10 adv / $15 door / $0-5 for monthly members, 21+ (25+ suggested)
Gemini & Scorpio Loft, Gowanus, BK - see site for address
No PAL requirement, but HoS Code of Conduct always applies, including dress code

Rules and location form: http://houseofscorpio.com/events.html
Membership options & member tix: http://www.houseofscorpio.com/membership.html
Tix: https://femmeflirt.brownpapertickets.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/462484514530312/

It's been a common refrain that it's harder for women to flirt with each other, as we frequently can't tell how much flirting may be ok, who's straight and who's flexible/bi/queer, whether a connection we may be feeling is a friendly one or one with potential chemistry to explore. And, when cis & hetero presenting, we are sometimes made to feel too straight for gay spaces, so are left to guess in mixed environments.

This event is a small step towards diminishing bi, queer and gay femme invisibility, enabling and encouraging women of all genders to connect romantically and physically to other women. We hope to be a place of empowerment and support for your exploration, even if you're just starting out or are unsure about your orientation. Explore and push your boundaries in a safe space, while enjoying our sexy low-lit loft and delicious cocktails.

Dress code: dress in whatever makes you feel sexy, however feminine or masculine you feel. We won't enforce the dress code as strictly as at Lip Service, but we respectfully ask for no casual attire. You're coming to flirt!

Who can attend: self-identifying femmes of all genders who want to connect with other femmes, from bi-curious to gay. While HoS events are usually more pansexual, we're going to keep this one as a femme-only space. Please note that we're a TERF-free zone! Trans women are women, and we ♥ you.


Gemini and Scorpio

cordially invite you to

The Grand Victorian Garden Tea

Sundays: June 23 [SOLD OUT], July 14 and Sep 22
4-8pm (tea served at 5pm), $40, all ages, rain or shine
at the historical Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden, 421 E 61st St

Info: http://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.html
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/2879805968757910/
Tix: http://victoriantea.brownpapertickets.com
Social media: @gemini_scorpio #geminiandscorpio #gsvictorianball

Join us as we travel back in time to the Victorian Age, to an elegant country resort a short carriage ride away from the hustle and bustle of the city (which at that time extended only as far north as 14th Street). It's a proper turn-of-century tea party, with finger sandwiches, scones and fancies, in a darling garden attached to an impossible Victorian cottage overlooking modern Manhattan.

The menu (details TK):
Three types of Finger Sandwiches
Scones with Clotted Cream & Preserves
Two types of unique desserts

Activities will include:
- Victorian garden games, including Game of Graces [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_of_graces ] and Battledore and Shuttlecock [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battledore_and_shuttlecock ]
- Hand-drawn portraits of guests by Anastasios Taso Megaris

Dress code:
1800-1910s summer garden party, with all-white, cream and pastel tones encouraged. No modern casual wear, please - though modern cocktail summer attire is easy to accessorize with a nod to Victorian times. Costume inspiration Pinterest board (not ours): http://bit.ly/1WvlVyB - and we have one for our banquet/ball/tea research here: http://bit.ly/29n5fZm

About our venue:
Constructed in 1799 as a carriage house for a 23-acre estate, and converted into the Mount Vernon Hotel in 1826, this stone building sits on land originally owned by Colonel William Stephens Smith, and his wife Abigail Adams Smith, daughter of John Adams. The hotel operated until 1833, at which point the house became the home for three generations of a New York City family.

/// NYC EVENTS: 8/2-8/8///


FEST: The 29Th Annual Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival
The tradition of Dragon Boat Racing is an annual Chinese rite commemorating the idealistic poet and performer Qu Yuan who drowned himself in the third century B.C. to protest against his emperor's policies. The locals raced in their boats in an attempt to rescue the poet. To prevent fish and water dragons from eating his body, the locals beat their drums and splashed their paddles. Several Special and Invitational Cup races throughout the day. Over 200 teams competeing.  Rain or shine. (Sat/Sun, Flushing Meadows Park, QNS, 9am-5pm, FREE)

FEST: Brooklyn Tattoo Expo
Artists from all over the country will meet in Brooklyn, NY and share art, network and tattoo. (Fri-Sun, Brooklyn EXPO Center, 72 Noble St, BK, see site for details, $15-$35)


SHOP: Magic Hour Market
A Burning Man festival and marketplace full of treasures. Enjoy music from local selectors, refreshments, and fun surprises throughout the day while browsing an incredible assortment of wares from local vendors. All the money you spend supports the artists themselves, and a small amount goes to camp Magic Hour.  Vendors include: WhoCaresWhyNot, Tiff Porter Style, Ornate Reverie, Kova by Sascha, Glorka Brand, Lunara Love, Burn Eternal, Culture and Fate, Julie's Vintage Boutique East Village NYC, Ilgin Urtu, Dacoit London, Oha, Nana Si Kimonos, Sepehir Jewelry, and more. DJs: Magic Hour residents and friends. (Casa Powers, 139 Powers St, BK, 4pm, FREE)

VARIETY: House of Yes Presents: Mermaid Lagoon: Variety Show & Gala
Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mermaid-lagoon-variety-show-gala-tickets-64363467865
Legend tells that for one night a year the enchanted waters of the Mermaid Lagoon are safe for mortal travelers. The mermaids ask only that you make an offering to The Sea, and dance with them. All proceeds go to ocean conservation and local waterways. Performances: Katherine Crockett, Sera Solstice/Solstice Tribe, Eric Schmelenberger, Kai Altair, Ali Luminescent, Cat Widdifield, Blaine Petrovia, and Peter Mercury. Dress: night on the high seas, summer luxury, mermaid magick, glitter glow fish. (House of Yes, 2 Wyckoff Ave, BK, 7pm, $15-$100)

FILM/MUSIC: Rooftop Films: Cemetery Shorts
Short films that shine a light on loss. A cemetery is not merely a place to grieve, it is also a place to remember the great loves of our lives, and to contemplate how each of us arrived at this point in time. The thought-provoking films in this program come from all over the world and offer intimately individualized perspectives on death, dying and the process of memorialization. Films are preceeded by live music from Ami Dang, and followed by an Q&A. (Green-Wood Cemetery, 500 25th St, BK, 7:45pm doors/9pm films, $16)

BURLESQUE: Classical Tassels
Shelly “The Singing Siren” Watson celebrates her 52nd Birthday! Opera, Sideshow, Ballet, and Burlesque all brought together on one stage for one night only!  Chamber, orchestral and a capella music, opera arias, Art songs and ecdysiasts united together to bring you tits, ass and a whole lotta class! Featuring:  Sarah The Bird Girl, Jourdan Espstein, Queenceanera, Jack Barrow, Scarlet Cerise, Fem Appeal, Joshua Dean and Vexy Minx. With music from Eddy Malave on viola and Janey Choi on violin. (Coney Island USA, 1208 Surf Ave, BK, 10pm, $20, 18 and up


PARTICIPATORY: International Lou Reed Tai Chi Day with Meditation and Tai Chi Demonstrations
Late Brooklyn-born musician Lou Reed studied Tai chi for 30 years and was a passionate advocate for the practice to promote mental and physical well-being. Ren Guang Yi, Reed's teacher for 12 years, and other teachers from different disciplines will lead a morning meditation in Central Library's Grand Lobby followed by demonstrations and classes that represent many forms of Tai Chi. No experience is necessary to participate, in keeping with Reed's belief that everyone can benefit from the Chinese martial art. (Central Library, Grand Lobby, 10 Grand Army Plaza, 8:30am-11am, FREE)

WALK: Gowanus Canal Shoreline Art Walk
The shape of water pumping through the Gowanus Canal has been inspiring creativity for decades and you are invited to join the Gowanus Dredgers for a stroll along the Gowanus shoreline and streets to view the quirky art and athletic scene of Gowanus.  In a neighborhood once notorious for industrial pollution and the death of waterfront marine life, a vibrant renaissance is underway. (Gowanus Dredgers, 165 2nd St, BK, 11am-1pm, $25)

WALK: Brooklyn Cultural District Walking Tour
Explore the past, present, and future of the district on this guided walking tour and learn how this concentration of venues and people is shifting the cultural landscape of the borough and the city. Over the course of 120 minutes, you will stroll through the timeless tree-lined streets of Fort Greene, past plazas and lively retail areas to view street art, new venues and where more than a dozen organizations have already made the Brooklyn Cultural District a venerable arts destination for performances of every type, large and small. Adding to the historical aspect, "pop-up" performances by American Opera Projects artists accompany the tour. (BAM Plaza, Flatbush Ave & Lafayette Ave, BK, 11am-1pm, FREE)

Hydrachy Internation #5: Port of Sunken Dreams
Hydrarchy describes the order of the water in contrast to the order of the land, but it is also about the alliances of the many connected through the water. In a lecture and a performance, Hamburg based performance collective, geheimagentur, will tell of their hydrarchical endeavors and journeys. Of meeting pirates, of inventing an alternative cruise ship terminal, of building a raft, of exploring the potential of micro-sea-trade between Germany and West Africa, of singing songs with seafarers and building a new port. And of always fighting for new access points to the water. The workshop is an opportunity to share experiences, to discuss hydrarchical strategies and to claim the right for the seas together. (Governors Island, Nolan Park House, BK, see site for details, FREE)

SHOP: Playa Style Costume Bazaar
Fresh, fierce and ready-to-wear fashions for festivals, eclipses, desert parties, or you know… all year round. Your favorite designers, artisans and artists assemble for the best shopping ever. Get inspired. Dress up. Groove! DJ Dropkat spinning while you shop, and lots of drink specials. (House of Yes, 2 Wyckoff Ave, BK, 1pm, FREE)

WALK: Crime Tour of the Lower East Side
On this walking tour, you’ll explore Lower Manhattan to learn about the orphan street gangs that evolved into mafia, con men and bank robbers so rich they rubbed elbows with the Vanderbilt’s, gun fights that would make the Wild West blush, and the politicians that profited from it all. You’ll visit the old Five Points District, Chinatown, the Bowery, and of course the Lower East Side. (Corner of Chambers St and Centre St, 1pm, $25)

MUSIC: Brasswick Music Festival & Afterparty
Music. Creation. Growth. Perhaps there is no event more perfectly suited for the Bushwick’s post-industrial landscape than an urban brass band festival! This event is the  co-creation of community farmspace Good Life Garden and Bushwick’s own L Train Brass Band. LTBB will be leading the charge with an exciting lineup of horned heavy hitters from Brooklyn’s diverse and eclectic street band scene. The garden festivities will conclude with a NOLA-flavored second line processional to Queens Brewery for the official afterparty. Also featuring Brass Queens, Hungry March Band, and Trumpet Marmalade. With the DJ stylings of ToniB NYC.  All proceeds benefit GoodLife Garden and the bands. (see site for details, BK, 2pm-12am, $10 sugg don)

ART: Second Annual Trashland Zinefest II
Come for vendors of all kinds selling zines, prints, and more.  Also there's a bake sale for the Footlight. Acoustic acts throughout the afternoon from: Onesie, Scott Kodi, Pocket Protector, and Warm Canopy. (Art at the Footlight, 465 Seneca Ave, QNS, 2pm-6pm, FREE)

SOCIAL DANCE/MUSIC: Swing Remix Summer Dance with Eyal Vilner Big Band
A monthly social dance that presents world class swing bands, top notch deejays, live dance performances, all for the enjoyment of the community. Featuring live music from Eyal Vilner Big Band plus DJ Lalaine. (Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan, 334 Amsterdam Ave, 7:30pm-12:45am, $18 adv/$25 door)

An immersive, site-specific choral and movement piece commissioned by Tishman Speyer and co-produced by National Sawdust. Hundreds of singers will bathe thousands of people in waves of harmony, poetry and gesture. Inspired by the theme of transformation, with text formed from ‘movement interviews’ with change-makers, cultural figures, and artists. Featuring: C4 - The Choral Composer/Conductor Collective, Choral Chameleon, Downtown Voices, Inspire, The O’s Ensemble, Young New Yorkers’ Chorus, Moving Star Ensemble, Wintersweet Ensemble, New York City Master Chorale, and R.Evolución Latina. (Rockerfeller Center Plaza, 45 Rockerfeller Plz, see site for details, FREE)

BURLESQUE: Street Meat: NYC-Style Burlesque & Pole
Burlesque and performance artists bring you their strangest, sexiest, most shocking pieces in a secret venue. Just like NYC, this show will leave you sweaty, stimulated, and with plenty of new material for your therapist. Host: Myka Fox. Featuring: Sy Boccari, Medea The Alchemist of Sensuality, Jonathan McDonald, Peter Mercury, Ariel aka Martha Screw-Up, and Pixel Witch. (Secret Loft, 137 W 14th St, 8pm doors/8:30pm show, $12)

BURLESQUE: Jo Boobs Weldon - Cathouse II The Metal Years
A salute to the sights, the sounds, and yes, the smells of rock n roll in this head-banging, hair-flipping burlesque! Plus, Jo will share rude stories of her stripper years in the 1980s, rockin' in Atlanta at Tattletales and the Cheetah, slutting around LA's Sunset Strip, and hanging out in the VIP room at New York's Limelight. And special bonus: Slutist Kristen Korvette will be reading from her upcoming book CatCall! Tease your hair, and wear your leathers and feathers. Animal print spandex appropriate but not required. (Coney Island USA, 1208 Surf Ave, BK, 10pm, $20, 18 and up)


PUPPETS: Handsome Devils Puppets: Into Glow Out of Gloom
Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/handsome-devils-puppets-into-glow-out-of-gloom-tickets-65304937827
Featuring vignettes of various folktales, ballads, or original songs in a stripped down, always honest, frequently laughable, often macabre exploration of the power of your person and the power of puppets to help you find that. Cry a little or a lot, puppets die a little, all will heal a little, all will learn to believe in a little magic again. Performed in a beautiful private home. Run time is approximately 45 minutes. Refreshments will be provided. No walk ups. (19 Powers St, BK, 7:30pm doors/8pm show, $20, 21+)

VARIETY: Bellydance America Present: 1001 Nights
Be mesmerized by exotic belly dancers as international & local superstars take the stage, joined by our accomplished students of the summer intensive workshop. (Coney Island USA, 1208 Surf Ave, BK, 9pm, $15, 18 and up)


PERFORMANCE: Penny Arcade: Longing Lasts Longer
An evening of dangerous ideas and radical inquiry into what it means to be human, right now! Right here! The international performance legend dares to tackle the straight jacket that binds today's youth culture to the normalization of self-censorship and injects fresh air in the current lockdown of gentrification, the erasure of history and the cultural amnesia affecting not only our cities but our minds. After 4 years of touring, the show returns to where it was created improvisationally in front of live audiences. (Tuesdays thru 8/27, Joe’s Pub, 425 Lafayette St, 7pm, $20-$25)

ART: Beyond the Streets
The premier exhibition of graffiti, street art & beyond
This exhibition celebrates society’s most pervasive mark makers and rule breakers with unprecedented purpose and scale. It explores the collective urgency of using the street as a canvas for expression. The exhibition transforms more than 100,000 square feet of space into a museum-quality art experience, along with performances, lectures and films. (thru 8/30, Thu-Sun, 25 Kent Ave, BK, 11am-8pm, $25)

ART: Hell's Kitchen: a surreal summer show
A collection of beautifully peculiar artwork from both established and emerging surrealists. Artists Include: Jean Pierre Arboleda, Zofia Bogusz, Justin Brooks, Miles Johnston, Stephen Koharian, Eric Lacombe, Alex Merritt, Eva Redamonti, Madeleine Rhondeau, Scott Scheidly, David Stoupakis, Qieer Wang, & Hannah Faith Yata.  (thru 8/31, Last Rites Gallery, 325 38th St, see site for details, FREE)

ART/MUSIC: Leonard Cohen: A Crack in Everything
A world-renowned novelist, poet, and singer/songwriter who inspired generations of writers, musicians, and artists, Leonard Cohen (1934-2016) was an extraordinary poet of the imperfection of the human condition, giving voice to what it means to be fully alert to the complexities and desires of both body and soul. Featuring 12 artists and 18 musicians from 10 countries, this exhibition offers a deep and rich exploration of the beloved global icon through the lens of contemporary art. (thru 9/8, Jewish Museum, 1109 5th Ave at 92nd St, see site for details, $18/$12 sen/$8 stu)

LGBTQ: Y’All Better Quiet Down
On the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, this group show recalls trans activist Sylvia Rivera’s impassioned demand to show up and commit to the collective struggle. What showing up looks like takes many forms—rage, protest, care, community and introspection. This exhibition presents contemporary works, protest banners, archival ephemera, and stories from the New York City Trans Oral History Project, Y’all Better Quiet Down centers the everyday and enduring legacies of liberation movements. (thru 9/15 Tue-Sun, Bureau of General Services—Queer Division, 208 W 13th St, Rm 210, 1pm-7pm, FREE)

LGBTQ: Stonewall 50 at New-York Historical Society
New-York Historical Society commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising and the dawn of the gay liberation movement this summer, as New York City welcomes WorldPride, the largest Pride celebration in the world. Featuring two exhibitions and a special installation, as well as public programs for all ages. (thru 9/22, New-York Historical Society, 170 Central Park West, see site for details, $13-$21)


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