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Date: April 30th 2021

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Hello lovelies,

Thank you for that delightful brunch and fashion browsing party last Sunday! You've really helped us to make a bit of space and raise a bit of money for rent and secret renovations (more soon). If you missed the event, not to worry, we still have a LOT of vintage, designer, costume & statement wear, and you can get in touch to set up your own shopping appointment this weekend or next week.

A reminder that our tiny immersive speakeasy experience is still going, and you can have it all to yourself (and your pod) every Thur-Sun. We can also send gift packages anywhere in the world, if you or someone you know might like a taste. Our gift packaging is killer...a gold treasure chest!

Gemini & Scorpio,
makers of themed costume events with live entertainment

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ONGOING: COVID-pod speakeasy

Gemini and Scorpio present

Plum Blossom Parlor COVID-pod speakeasy

Thur-Sun through May at 6/8/10pm
$50pp for 7-8 guests, $55pp for 5-6 guests, $65pp for 3-4 guests, $75pp for two guests
Below Gemini and Scorpio Loft in Gowanus, BK (address with booking confirmation)

More info & reservations: http://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.html
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/461819764932215
Social media: @gemini_scorpio #geminiandscorpio #PlumBlossomParlor

A COVID-safe immersive cocktail experience in a lovingly crafted jewel box speakeasy. Plum Blossom Parlor is a luscious indoor "garden" lodge, inspired by The Emperor's Garden -- a corner of Forbidden City palace complex in Beijing that was untouched for about 100 years & was being painstakingly restored for the last 15, to open in...2020. Our installation is just a tiny bit of love from Brooklyn to China, at a time when the world couldn't be more split apart.

The Parlor is designed for COVID pods of up to eight people (two minimum) and runs entirely unstaffed -- which means masks are not required once you're checked in. Handcrafted libations are pre-bottled & ready to enjoy on the spot or at home. A mini couch folds out, if you're booking for date night makeouts & pod cuddle puddles. Snack options are available by advance request. Simply book your time window & enjoy (book back-to-back slots to extend your time). You can also book the room for meetings, birthday parties, shoots, Zoom events, etc...absolutely anything, as long as no more than eight people are inside at any one time.

Please see our site for more info and reservations and drop a line for any custom arrangements.

NYC EVENTS 4.30-5.6


SHOP: Virtual Oddities Flea Market
Sat: 12 - Rebels & Outlaws; 1:00 - Beans of John; 1:22 - Todd Robbins; 1:30 PM: In Rooms; 1:35 - Veneration of Light; 1:57 - Satanic Show & Tell; 2:05 - The Sacred Order; 2:20 - Catacomb Culture; 3:05 - Singkiang; 4:05 - The Pickety Witch; 4:18 - Our Darling; 4:20 - Jennafer Grace; 4:55 - Ryan Matthew Cohn. Sun: 12 - Dollorart; 1:00 - Conjurers Kitchen; 1:30 - Oddball Oddity; 2:00 - Arcanexus Design; 2:32 - DAAP; 2:36 - Yamsden; 3:00 - Teardrop Lollipop; 3:30 - Blkbts; 3:50 - Seance Perfume; 4:35 - Ampersand Curiousities; 5:04 - Mothmeister; 5:05 - B3 Balm; 5:45 - Soul Percher. Plus Special Guests: Dead Animal Assembly Plant, Mothmeister, La Carmina. (Sat/Sun, 12-7pm, $5 weekend pass / link sent Sat am)

DANCE: Westfest Dance Festival 2021
A cutting-edge, curated dance festival presenting established and emerging movement artists. This year’s online festival includes two different one-hour programs hosted via a zoom link. Following our site-specific format, each choreographer will present their work in a site they have chosen. Join us as we tour the world, from Arizona to Switzerland, in the comfort and safety of your own home. (Sat/Sun, online, see site for details)

PUPPETS: Unicorn Afterlife
A Unicorn, a beast of pure goodness and light, wakes in a black void and discovers, horrified, that it’s dead; but in the hands of a team of puppeteers, it lives again and looks for a way to escape its past, and maybe escape its future too. Unicorn Afterlife is a grimy, synthesizer dream ballet about fantasy, greed, gender, glitter and the power of belief, designed and directed by Justin Perkins. (Wed/Thu, also Fri/Sat next week, live online 7:30pm & on demand thru 5.17, $12-34)

OPENING / MUSIC: New York Opera Fest
The festival showcases the breadth and diversity of opera in New York City through events ranging from virtual reality to improv opera, with productions in theaters, gardens, garages, bars, playgrounds and more. Performances are both in-person and live online. (thru May, see site for details)

Lower East Side History Month was launched eight years ago in the hope that a collective celebration of our neighborhood would strengthen our connection to each other and strengthen our sense of community. This May, over 60 organizations will honor the multi-layered, diverse history of the neighborhood. Lower East Side cultural and community groups, small businesses, and residents will host a variety of public events, exhibits, tours, and learning opportunities. Celebrations proudly feature Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian American and Pacific Islander, and other community histories of the LES as defined by its historical boundaries which includes the East Village, Chinatown, Two Bridges and Loisaida. (thru May, see site for details)


COMMUNITY: 10th Annual Riverkeeper Sweep
Annual day of service for the Hudson River and its tributaries. Over the last nine years, Riverkeeper volunteers have completed 804 projects along hundreds of miles of shoreline during our annual day of service for the Hudson, where volunteers have removed 275 tons of debris, and planted or maintained 4,490 trees or native grasses. Join us at one of 125 project sites along the Hudson River and tributaries for cleanups, invasive species removal, and planting projects. Pre-registration is required to participate. (see site for details)

PARTICIPATORY: The 23rd Annual Blessing of the Bikes
With the end of the COVID pandemic hopefully in sight, we will be holding this event OUTDOORS on the beautiful front steps of the Cathedral, followed by a procession past the Peace Fountain. The reverend will say a few brief words and bless your bike with Holy Water. Don’t be late, this event is brief. (The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, 112th St & Amsterdam Ave, 9am, FREE/sugg don)


ART/FILM: Spy vs Spy Secret Speakeasy
Spy gadgets / spy tech has driven innovation for centuries. The Museum of Interesting Things will display some of that tech and some of it’s vast collection of crime, spy, surveillance and police items from over 100 years ago to today. Through 16mm films they will show the funny side and serious side of spy vs spy on vintage Kodak projectors. You can come visit live or enjoy virtually with the zoom link sent with tickets. (Live or Online, link with purchase, 7pm-9pm, $10)

Dicounted tix: https://www.goldstar.com/events/stellar-stream/titanique-the-maiden-voyage-concert-online-tickets
When the music of Céline Dion makes sweet Canadian love with the eleven-time Oscar-winning film Titanic, you get TITANIQUE, a musical celebration that turns one of the greatest love stories of all time into a hysterical and joyful slay-fest. Want to find out what really happened to Jack and Rose on that fateful night? Our story begins when Céline Dion hijacks a Titanic Museum tour and enchants the audience with her totally wild take, recharting the course of Titanic’s beloved moments and characters with her iconic song catalog. Featuring powerhouse voices and show-stopping numbers (plus, contemporary pop culture and punchy odes to the 90s film), TITANIQUE is a one-of-a-kind musical voyage bursting with nostalgia and heart. (live online & on demand until 5.5, 7:30pm, $18-29)

[Events likely to sell out or otherwise requiring advance planning]

Sat, May 7 - sign up to participate
Ecological City 2021 features outdoor physically distanced pop-up site performances and temporary visual art presentations that celebrate the climate solution initiatives throughout the community gardens, neighborhood, and East River Park waterfront of the Lower East Side. There is no formal street parade. Come to LES and find the surprises of spectacular local climate solutions, visual art, puppets, costumes and performances tucked throughout the neighborhood. Pop-up performances will be livestreamed on Facebook. (4th St to 12th St & Ave A to the East River Park waterfront, Lower East Side, rain date Sun, FREE)


PARTICIPATORY: Mail Art in April
A campaign is underway to get people to connect off-screen, and support the USPS by sending something creative through the nation's mail service. The idea is simple: Make or find a thing for somebody; Include a thanks to the USPS on the outside; Post a pic to FB/IG #MailArtInApril; Send it. Modern mail art is considered to have begun in the 1960's with artist Ray Johnson and the New York Correspondence School. The practice was reinvigorated in the 1980's by E.F. Higgins III, who is now the best-known living mail artist. And boy is he funny. Humor tends to be a big part of mail art -- just read about all the potatoes sent via the US mail. This is an experiment to see if we can create a new tradition, one that reminds us that culture is about how we interact with each other, more than about what we watch together. (Thru 4/30, see site for details, FREE/postage cost)

VARIETY: Bindlestiff Open Stage Virtual Variety Show
Get a first look at emerging talents around the world — all from the comfort of your own home. Enjoy a non-stop variety show experience that may include world famous magicians, gender bending jugglers, circus legends, trained rats, novelty musicians, aerial artists, wire walkers, sideshow performers, puppeteers, living cartoons, physical comedy, contortionists, performance artists, and more -- each act live in their own location. Hosted by Keith "Bindlestiff" Nelso. Also featuring circus historian, retired NYU professor, burlesque & circus performer, polar bear promoter, and Chairman of the Board of Bindlestiff, Hovey Burgess. (thru 4/30, Mondays, 8pm, live on Facebook & YouTube, FREE / $12 sugg donation)

THEATER: Taxilandia
TAXILANDIA, created and written by Oye Group’s Modesto Flako Jimenez, immerses its audience in the flavors, sounds, sights and dynamic history of a neighborhood confronting social stigmas and the realities of gentrification. Weaving a dramatic, performative ‘tapestry’ that interconnects generations, social classes, races and cultures, TAXILANDIA complicates our notion of what it means to be a local, an immigrant or a resident of a place, challenging us to answer: “What is my personal roadmap of home?” Originally developed in Flako’s own neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn, the piece was inspired and drawn from his nine years driving a taxicab and his documentation of conversations with passengers, residents, locals, and immigrants to the neighborhood. TAXILANDIA is available via a $25 ticket lottery for a single pod of up to three people become passengers in Flako’s cab for a personal experience of Bushwick. Also available as self-guided text-based walking tour. (thru 5/30, see site for details, $25)

THEATER: Post Theatrical
We are a group of theater artists and companies joining forces during the pandemic to produce mail-based theatrical experiences. Wildly varied in form, content, and duration, these experiences have been intentionally built for increased audience access and inclusion beyond that which is possible in typical live theater. Our work aspires to connect human beings of disparate backgrounds despite (and in some ways, through) distance. (thru 6.30, see site for details)

THEATER: Performance for One
A one-on-one theater performance, now presented live over Skype. The performance is about memory, but even more so, it is about relationship between performer, audience member, and author. What is the responsibility of the audience member, and how is it felt differently when there is only one audience member? Who is the story teller, the author or the performer? What happens to a memory that two people share after one of those people is gone? With a rotating cast of actors, including Elizabeth Chappel, Joshua Coleman, Andrea Gallo, Jan Leslie Harding, Allison Hiroto, Yvonne Roen, and Melissa Rakiro. (Skype, see site for details, FREE)

THEATER: 24 Hr Plays’ Viral Monologues
New monologues written, rehearsed, recorded and released on IGTV in 24 hours. (24hoursplays online, see site for details, FREE/sugg don)


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