[G&S]: Sat: Witches of the Water cabaret & party / 3.24: Dark Dance party / 4.15: Swing House

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Subject: [G&S]: Sat: Witches of the Water cabaret & party / 3.24: Dark Dance party / 4.15: Swing House
Date: March 14th 2023

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Hello lovelies,

Three events coming up for us in the next month, all different, but all offering a chance to dress up and dance -- and, this Saturday and Apr 15, take in some wild entertainment.

- Sat 3.18 - Four more days till the new incarnation of the wild Cirque du So Weird cabaret & party you may have attended in our old spot. Sensual, naughty, silly and fun, Witches of the Water will celebrate all things Pisces, sea and water, through live music, burlesque and circus arts. We have tables, couches and chairs you can reserve, and we highly recommend getting yourself close to the action. Go go dance party before and after the stage performances, too.

- Sat 3.24 - our dark dance & kink party last month was a heartwarming 90s throwback, and everyone had a great time. We're going to bring it back at the end of this month, again FREE.

- Sat 4.15 - YES, Swing House can stay on this date! If you have tickets already, they are good for this date. Stay tuned for full lineup of live jazz, burlesque and cabaret acts.


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PARTY: 3.18

Vengeance Variety and Gemini & Scorpio

Witches of the Water

Sat, March 18, 21+ (25+ suggested)
9pm doors & go go cocktail hour / 10pm-12:30am live acts / 12:30am-2am DJ, dancing & lounging
GA/standing: $25 until 12:30am, $15 after
Reserved seats: tables, banquettes & chairs available, $35-$50*
Gemini and Scorpio Loft, 267 Douglass St, 3rd fl (ADA accessible), Gowanus, BK

Info: http://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.thml
Tix: https://buytickets.at/geminiandscorpio/870227
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/708275721031326

If you missed the magic of "Cirque du so Weird" at the G&S loft, we're back with a Vengeance! Hear the siren call of your host Lydia Vengeance and her fellow Pisces water nymphs for a sensual sea-themed cabaret & party. Featuring live music, burlesque, circus arts, go go dancers and more, this seductive evening will lure you into a sea of delights. Plus: extras and surprises as we celebrate Lydia's birthday and the release of her first single; sparkly photo booth; raffle for birthday spankings & other prizes.

Featuring burlesque, sideshow, circus and go go by: The Bluenettes themselves, Lydia Vengeance & Vonka Romanoff, creepy saucy clown Lydia Wilts, Coney Island's dangerous dancing mermaid Obsidian Absurd, go go bunny Dominant Jeane, cosplay & nerdlesque babe Happy Bun Bun.

Dress code suggestions: mermaids, sirens, sea creatures, oceanic monsters or high style cocktail...go dapper for date night!

*Tables & couches are assigned seating, while chairs are first-come, first-served, set up based on the number of seats sold.

PARTY: 3.24

Gemini & Scorpio

Dark Dance party

Sat 3.24, 9pm-2am, 21+ (25+ suggested), FREE w RSVP on site
Our new location! 267 Douglass St, 3rd fl (ADA accessible)

Info & RSVP: http://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.html
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/591951239469825
FL: https://fetlife.com/events/1261786
Social media: @gemini_scorpio / #geminiandscorpio

Calling all goths, vampires & kinksters for a FREE goth dance party! We will turn the lights down low, blast goth & industrial to dance to, and project dark visuals. Light kink play welcome, on our many soft surfaces or our St Andrew's Cross. We embrace all genders and sexualities and levels of darkness.

Dress code: goth, romantic, vampire, dark Lolita, neo-Victorian, steampunk, ninja warrior, fetish, Edward Scissorhands, at minimum all black / no streetwear.

PARTY: 4.15

Gemini & Scorpio

Swing House: 1920s speakeasy, remixed

Sat, Apr 15, 21+ (25+ suggested)
9pm doors / 9:30pm dance class / 10pm-1am live acts / 1am-3am DJ, dancing & lounging
GA/standing: $15-45 until 12:30am, $15 after
Reserved seats: tables & banquettes available, $50
Gemini and Scorpio Loft, 267 Douglass St, 3rd fl (ADA accessible), Gowanus, BK

Info: http://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.thml
Tix: https://buytickets.at/geminiandscorpio/859968
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/5925462887572640/

A 1920s speakeasy cabaret party in a secret Brooklyn loft, with live swingin' sounds by vintage jazz bands, blazing burlesque divas, stunning variety acts, exotic cocktails, and the best electro-swing DJs remixing and reinventing vintage grooves late into the night. "Gatsby-era fun with a twist of new-school vibe" (The Village Voice).

The night starts with an introductory dance class for swing basics by Brooklyn Swings, who teach at our loft every Tuesday night. Live music until 1am, with burlesque & variety during and between band sets. Electro-swing remixed vintage beats after, until the dancing is done.

Dress code (required): The Jazz Age never ended, it just got funky. Dress accordingly: "An event worth wearing that ridiculous zoot suit for." - TimeOut NY; "Corsets and top hats tweaked with studs and leather are totally appropriate." - The New York Times. Suggestions: vintage (1920s-1940s) with a modern twist, cabaret, burlesque, Weimar Berlin, classic Hollywood, classy, sassy, tailored, hats, feathers, fringe, sequins, beads. Effort required; if in doubt, go more formal. Dress code more relaxed after 1am for the electro-swing dance party.

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