[G&S]: We need your support / holiday markey & party / Plum Blossom Parlor immersive cocktail speakeasy returns

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Subject: [G&S]: We need your support / holiday markey & party / Plum Blossom Parlor immersive cocktail speakeasy returns
Date: November 28th 2023

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Hello lovelies,

Before we get to all the fun December events, a thought on this Giving Tuesday. This year has been a crushing one for everyone in performance & nightlife...only the pandemic years were worse. Fewer bookings for performers, smaller audiences in venues, fewer drinks sold in bars, lower budgets for everyone everywhere. It’s hard to make this ask when the world is on fire, and our time, attention and dollars are needed in so many directions. But. If there’s a live arts org, performer or venue you love, NOW is the time to support them. They — and we — are struggling.

We opened a new venue in one of the worst nightlife years ever, and one year in, we're really feeling the crush. If you’d like to see us make it into our second year and beyond, yes, we really need your help.

Here are the ways (links in signature):
- A one-time donation via Venmo or PayPal, in any amount
- A monthly membership with HoS, $5-55, which gives you access to *those other events* you’ve heard all about
-  Showing up & buying drinks. There’s always a mix of ticketed or free events with G&S and HoS to fit a variety of interests and budgets, and our bar has both fun cocktails and NA options. Come see your dollars at work.
- If you can’t afford any of those, interacting with our posts & stories on Fb and IG is free and means more than you know. Turn on your notifications for when we post, tap those hearts, say something in response. It helps us get seen by others.

We are working hard to still be here for you in the next year, with an even more fun space and more fun events.

Meanwhile, December! Super fun stuff planned so far, and we're working on NYE, ofc.

- Sat, Dec 16 - the annual holiday party! Free and easy, with vintage holiday vibes. And yes, Miss Scorpio back behind the bar making those once-a-year treats. Some of the Goldmine vendors will have their booths set up, too.

- Sun, Dec 17 - Goldmine holiday market, with hand-picked handmade goodies from some wonderful makers. Don't panic, we got you on those last-minute special gifts.

- Thur, Dec 21 - Guest producer event: the monthly fusion dance party.

Lastly...a very special announcement. We're still working out official details, but we are briefly reopening private bookings for our pandemic-born tiny immersive cocktail speakeasy, Plum Blossom Parlor. To refresh your memory, this was it: http://bit.ly/PBP_peek . We've changed a few things, created new cocktails, and are now testing a 2024 run. Only three bookings are available per night, for a party of 2-8 max. First availability is this weekend, Fri-Sun, at 6/8/10pm, with Miss Scorpio herself running the evenings. Cost is $50-75pp depending on the number of people, and each 1.5hr booking comes with two cocktails, unlimited soft drinks and bar snacks (all service & gratuity is included as well). Want to be the first to come through? Drop us a line. We hope to stay open for the holiday season and into 2024, so yes, you will be able to gift this experience! Custom nights will be possible too, if you're planning a special birthday, proposal, date, etc.


Gemini & Scorpio,
makers of themed costume events with live entertainment

One-time donations: https://www.paypal.me/geminiandscorpio or https://www.venmo.com/gemini-scorpio
Monthly donations & sex-pos events via HoS: http://www.houseofscorpio.com/membership.html
Handmade merch (flasks & geeky buttons): https://www.etsy.com/shop/GeminiScorpio
Vintage, thrift & designer clothes: https://linktr.ee/miss_scorpio_fashion (reply for an in-person appt)

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PARTY: 12.16

Gemini and Scorpio / House of Scorpio

invite you to

G&S/HoS Annual Holiday Party

Sat, Dec 16, 9pm-1am, FREE / donations appreciated
267 Douglass St, 3rd fl (ADA accessible)
Official: http://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.html

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1378078263138131
FL: https://fetlife.com/events/1406964
BL: https://bl.ooo/m/annual-gandshos-holiday-party
Social media: @gemini_scorpio #geminiandscorpio

Our annual night of giving thanks and going overboard with fancy drinks.

Come chill in our decadent private Loft and enjoy seasonal craft cocktails in a unique eclectic setting. Roaring fireplace projections, holiday classics retro lounge vibes soundtrack, and a sweet dance party to close out the night. Free popcorn from our vintage cart, hot cider & toddies in the bar. A few vendors will have their tables set up early for our holiday market the following day, so you can also pick up some holiday gifts.

As always, this is the ONLY night of the year when Miss Scorpio herself will be behind the bar (9pm-11pm), making our two specialty holiday cocktails:
- That infamous fluffy New Orleans classic, the Ramos Fizz. It's a rarity to find it on bar menus due to how long it takes to make each one. You certainly won't catch us making it at any other event.
- Coquito, the classic Puerto Rican eggnog style drink: slushie coconut cinnamon goodness.

We're not charging admission for this event, but we'll have a donation jar out. All money goes towards ongoing loft improvements and our staggering rent, so please give what you can to keep our secret clubhouse going into the new year.

We invite you to wear something festive or cocktail attire...especially vintage-inspired festive cocktail attire. Costumes always welcome, if you're feeling it.

Thank you for your support this and every year! <3

MARKET: 12.17

Gemini and Scorpio

invite you to

Goldmine holiday market

Sun Dec 17, 1-6pm, FREE
Gemini & Scorpio Loft, 267 Douglass St, 3rd fl (ADA accessible)

Info: http://www.geminiandscorpio.com/events.html
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1332159464093703
Social media: @gemini_scorpio #geminiandscorpio #gsgoldmine (show us your treasures!)

Handmade art, gifts, clothing & accessories, plus vintage, thrift and designer resale. Find those last-minute holiday gifts for loved ones or indulge yourself. Relax in our jungle-themed bar and cozy lounge, enjoy chill beats on the big sound system and take pics at our selfie station.

Confirmed vendors:
Miss Scorpio - Vintage, costume and designer pieces selected for their unique visual appeal - http://linktr.ee/miss_scorpio_fashion
Aqua de Soi - Spa quality clean-burning soy candles in deluxe scents - https://www.thesoico.com/aqua-de-soi
Figure of A - Couture London fashion house inspired by Japanese rope bondage - https://figureofa.com
Gotham Taxidermy - Taxidermy jewelry and other tiny curiosities - https://www.gothamtaxidermy.com
I Delgado Skincare - Organic vegan food-grade skincare - https://www.etsy.com/shop/idelgadocouture
J eanne's Jacket Vintage - Curated vintagewear, accessories & gifts
Second Star Curio - Whimsical watercolor wall-hangings, cards & ornaments - https://www.instagram.com/second.star.curio
Star Sapphire Boutique - Handmade sterling silver jewelry and vintage-inspired accessories - https://www.etsy.com/shop/StarSapphireBoutique
Zoa Chimerum Jewelry - Biomorphic handmade jewelry of cut rubber layered over forged aluminum - http://www.zoachimerum.com

Still room for vendors! We want creative, unique and unusual. Fees start at just $50/day. To be considered, please drop a line to vend[at]geminiandscorpio[com] with a link to your wares and a few words of description.



Dance at Dusk Fusion Dance: Blues and Slow Drag

Thur Dec 21, 7pm-12am, $18-$25 sliding scale at door
Gemini & Scorpio Loft, 267 Douglass St, 3rd fl (ADA accessible)
FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/817574716789385

Welcome to Brooklyn's first monthly Fusion Dance gathering. Fusion Dance is a magnificent blend of styles forming a fluid improvisational partner dance. Whether you're a seasoned dancer or a newbie looking to learn how to move your feet, this style is inclusive for all because of its diverse nature. Perfect for a solo evening, date night, or a friend outing.

We kick off each event with an introductory dance lesson focusing on basics of the dance style, followed by a consent talk. Afterwards, let loose on the open dance floor as our talented rotating cast of DJs send us through the night.

Our teacher this month: John Krieger-Joven showing basics and advanced techniques for Slow Drag / Blues styles. The Slow Drag was popular among working class African Americans in the late 1890s and early 1900s. It was danced to a slow tempo, and is usually associated with blues or ragtime songs. It's typically danced leaned into your partner, with weight distributed on the balls of your feet. It's an intimate and wonderful way to connect, and brings some extra flair to your blues style.

This event is specifically inclusive of all genders, orientations and ethnic backgrounds. Whoever you are, dress to express yourself and dance the night away. Solo folks welcome, as traditionally dance partners will rotate through the night.

For questions and further info, contact Foxie Lou (Mxfoxielou) or Gavin (Gav.a.good.time) on IG.  


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