Space available in our building!

Starting immediately, you can get space in the building that houses the Gemini & Scorpio Loft! New studio rooms have been built out on the first floor, and we reserved the largest ones to share as office, storage and craft space. Ideally we'd like to see them split between 2-3 performing arts groups and bundled with rehearsal and show bookings upstairs, but we're also open to individual co-working and co-crafting shares. Learn more and apply here: Or, to get your own space, see -- the room layout is here. (If you're going to do quieter things, please request our side of the building! It's A-C.) For anyone renting a room in the building, we'll offer discounts on any Loft rentals for meetings, rehearsals and shows.

1.19 - Snatch Back!
A fundraiser for Lady Parts Justice League

Thur, Jan 19, 7pm-1am, $25 (goes directly to LPJL; you can donate more at event)
Gemini & Scorpio Loft - RSVP below for Gowanus, BK location

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Social media: @gemini_scorpio #geminiandscorpio


A hand-picked lineup of irreverent performances, sexy solidarity and kinky outrage to raise funds for the Lady Parts Justice League.

More on our performers:

  • Dayna Kurtz: angry depressed Jewess who writes spiritual drinking hymns for atheists.
  • Sxip Shirey: international composer and performer, reluctantly brings back his infamous tampon applicator musical act, for just this ONE performance
  • Adrienne Truscott: choreographer, dancer and stand-up comedian, formerly half of the vaudeville duo the Wau Wau Sisters, and now gaining international acclaim for her bold one-woman show "Asking For It: A One Lady Rape About Comedy."
  • Mamie Minch: luthier and multi instrumentalist, and badass Amazonian motherfucker.
  • Pussy Grabs Back: a mobile, femme powered, anti-Trump brass band, bringing music to streets to protest this new regime's dangerous fascist agenda. They're gonna make this revolution danceable.
  • Abby Hertz: performance artist who's going to "Paint It Black" live on stage...and by "it" we mean her vagina.
  • Sweet Tits: the "lesbian Spinal Tap" rawk-n-roll band taking NYC's gay/queer scene by storm.
  • Tiny D: in-your-face feminist burlesque dancer.
  • Mistress Couple: dominatrix with a sub-specialty in political humiliation and Headmistress of La Domaine Esemar training chateau, will do unspeakable things to a willing victim in a Trump mask for our cathartic pleasure.
  • Hosted by brilliant visiting guest comedian from Melbourne, Geraldine Hickey

Plus a special set from comedian Lizz Winstead, founder of Lady Parts Justice League, co-creator and former head writer and correspondent of The Daily Show, and co-founder of Air America Radio, where she co-hosted Unfiltered, with Hip Hop legend, Chuck D and political big brain Rachel Maddow.

More on LPJL: The Lady Parts Justice League is a coven of hilarious badass feminists who use humor and pop culture to expose the haters trying to destroy reproductive access. We believe if there is not laughter, dancing and sexy time in your revolution, you need to fix that. The LPJL wants to lead by example showing fighting for equality is a way of life, not just a reaction to crisis, and we are connecting artists and activists around the country to help make that happen.

Do you have an outrageously alternative performance or experience you'd like to donate to the cause? Seeking collaborators and entertainers.

Gemini & Scorpio Loft location

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