The Gemini & Scorpio Loft

We have a brand new Loft! After a decade of magic at 255 Douglass St, we lost our original space in the pandemic. We then looked all over the city for a new location, only to end up three doors down at 267 Douglass St, in our beloved Gowanus neighborhood of Brooklyn. We are actively renovating and upgrading the venue, but it is ready for event rentals immediately.

Loft photos

Photos by Chris Scalzi / Distilled Studio, June 2023.


Loft details

Gemini & Scorpio Loft is a 5,000sq ft event space in Gowanus, Brooklyn. With oversized windows and 11' ceilings, the space feels modern and open, while the newly exposed brick walls, wood floors and exposed-beam ceilings retain the classic New York loft vibe.

Depending on configuration (banquet, cabaret, auditorium), the Loft can fit up to 150 seated / up to 200 standing. The open space is divided into zones that connect to each other for a balance between flow and separation of purpose (stage & dance floor, lounge, bar) -- this helps it feel cozy with as few as 75 people. The Loft is serviced by a gender-neutral bathroom with three stalls (two are ADA-accessible). A permanent photo booth or gallery area is at the entrance, with a magnetic wall that easily accommodates backdrops or art. A 10'x20' catering kitchen is being built out in 2023, but a few elements (ice machine, triple sinks, refrigerator) are connected and ready for use.

The Loft is particularly well-suited for events with live entertainment, with a full sound system & lighting grid, DJ booth, and 20'x4' dressing room with direct stage access. The 12'x15'x2' reconfigurable stage is made up of eight individual 3x8 platforms and a separate drum riser. Mood lighting throughout the space is via smart bulbs controlled by a house ipad, and can be entirely customized to each event. All furniture and tech gear can be moved into a custom configuration for your event, but the Loft is event-ready as is at all times. See our tech list for deails on A/V equipment and more.

We are woman-, immigrant- and LGBTQ-owned and love working with under-served minority groups.

Accessibility: the Gemini and Scorpio Loft at 267 Douglass St is reachable by virtually all trains. It is on a third floor of a recently renovated industrial building, accessible via a 6x9 elevator.

Tech details

Main PA: QSC K12 powered speakers, 1000 Watts, 48 Hz - 20 kHz range; two JBL Eon 618S subwoofers; Mackie ProFX16v2 16-Channel mixer (XLR or 1/4", with 1 RCA).

Backup PA / monitors: Yamaha Stagepas 500 - two passive speakers with built-in 8-channel powered mixer with 4 XLR or 1/4" & 2 RCA inputs.

Mics: 3 Senheiser Evolution 600/800 (vocal), 1 Audio-Technica AT2035 Cardioid Condenser, 3 Shure 57s (instrument), 1 Shure Beta 52A (kick drum/low frequency), 3 Shure A56D drum mounts, 4 stands, 7 clips.

Other: Pioneer 400 DJ mixer; 4 DIs; 5-pc Tama drum set (kick with pedal, snare, two toms, floor tom) with high-hat, crash, ride, plus an extra cymbal stand and hi hat stand; all the XLR & 1/4" cables you'll ever need; 3 music stands.

Video: InFocus IN2126a 1080p projector (3500 lumens, 3D ready) aimed at 16'x11' wall. Second projector cable run is installed aimed at the stage.

Lights & effects: Mood-setting room and architectural lighting via 100 Wyze full color smart bulbs in zones covering the entire space, controlled by house iPad. Stage lighting is a mix of color-changing / dimmable LED Solena Max Par 20s and 8 dimmable PAR Can 16s, controlled by Solena Professional Command 2500 DMX Controller. Additional party lights: laser & effect lights in entrance area, dance floor and lounge; rotating disco ball with two pin spots. A basic fog machine is available to enhance the lighting effects. A snow machine is aimed over the dance floor.

Misc: Seating for up to 150 on existing furniture: two antique velvet sectionals and two modern couches in the show area, three couches and four matching large ottomans in the lounge area, four smaller square ottomans, 100 black folding chairs, 20 white or gold short stools. Plus: ten cabaret tables with regular or cocktail height legs (linens available), two folding banquet tables (linens available), misc indoor cafe tables...and one carousel horse. Loads of fabric, lights, decorations and other event miscellany.

Rent the loft

Do you have a show, event, job, or artistic project that needs a space? We're open to weddings, private and corporate parties, photo and video shoots, art builds, live music, theater, cabaret, lectures, workshops, and many other creative uses of the loft (but not rave-style DJ parties or other overly loud music events). We try to work with all budgets -- after all, creating more affordable arts space in NYC is why we wanted to do this in the first place -- but please be realistic about rental costs.

Expect weeknight rentals to start at $1,000, and weekends at $2,000, depending on what you're planning, length of event, etc. Daytime weekday rentals have a 4hr minimum and start at $75/hr, but for most other uses, expect to pay roughly $200-350/hr. Professional shoots start at $2,000 for a 10-hr day. Tuesday nights are typically unavailable due to ongoing swing dance classes (by Brooklyn Swings, check them out!), but classes can be moved for longer term rentals (two week minimum). We are open to other ongoing weekday events, weekly or monthly. The loft is available 24/7.

In addition to the space and any tech gear or props, we can help with all aspects of your event production. From curation to management to staff to catering, we have two decades of experience in putting together flawlessly executed, stylish and unique events.

Download our PDF for basic details, and then drop us a line at loft at geminiandscorpio to get more info and set up an appointment to see the loft for yourself.

The Gemini & Scorpio Loft 1.0

In October of 2011, after four years of searching, Miss Scorpio found her dream 3,000sq ft arts space loft in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Of course, the dream loft was disguised as a run-down woodworking shop with boarded up windows, 1970s plywood walls, and semi-rotted floors...but she knew this was it. Five months (and all her savings) later, she threw the first G&S party there, and hasn't looked back since.

Since then, the Gemini & Scorpio Loft has hosted theatrical performances, art shows, photo/video/television/film shoots, benefits, talks on curious topics, hands-on artistic experiences, craft sales, fashion shows, corporate events, weddings, movie nights on its giant roof, music showcases, audio recordings, art & science lectures, dance classes -- and of course parties. We lasted 10 full years at 255 Douglass St, before losing the space during the pandemic, looking all over the city for a new location, and ending up three doors down at 267 Douglass St.

The loft as it looked when G&S first took it over. Photo by Larisa Fuchs, Nov 2011.

The G&S Loft before renovations transformed into a fairy forest for an immersive theatrical production. Photo by Larisa Fuchs, Feb 2013.

The G&S Loft as it looked after extensive renovations, with all-new ceilings, floor, and walls, set up for a private party. Photo by Andrew Janke, February 2015.

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