Press: 2005

Our first media appearance, an interview with Manhattan Offender, in their ongoing series of "softball celebrity interviews" with preset questions. Past interviewees have included Michael Musto, Ru Paul, Lypsinka and Buck Angel.

Interview, The Manhattan Offender

1. What's your secret to staying so beautiful?

Both Gemini and Scorpio: Long hours paling under the monitor light; calling beauty companies and posing as press; stealing from our own goodie bags; Nutella; mind contortion; strategically-placed baked goods.
Scorpio: Sex. Lots and lots of sex. Though the strategically-placed baked goods play a part here, too.

2. Is it true what the tabloids are saying about your relationship?

It depends on which tabloid. We'll address them in order:
- God we hope not. Frankly, neither of us wears braces, and if we did, we would never, ever do THAT.
- Absolutely true. We are planning world domination on several fronts. There may be waxing involved. Mothers, lock up your sons. It facilitates collection.
- Mostly. The midget part was somewhat exaggerated: there were only two of them.

3. This new project of yours is certainly taking everyone by surprise. Tell us about it.

After too many rooms filled with lost-looking "consultants" and enough hair, collectively, to fill one head, we knew the [singles] party scene had to be helped. Now. So the table dancers, electric hula hoops, freeflowing booze, fondue and circus acts were just a natural next step. It's working well. Our next staged event will involve sushi, rubber spikes, rhinestones and karaoke.

4. Who are you wearing?

Er... we're not so good with names. But he's got a lovely smile. Oh. designers only, of course. And the local thrift store.

5. Would you ever do a role that required nudity?

Gemini would definitely do a role that requires nudity if that "Hot Nude Yoga" thing ever comes through. Is 'come' the right word here? Scorpio is a role that requires nudity.

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