Press: 2007

Our biggest party of the year, the annual Valentine's Day "Get Off...Line" event and our Birthday bash, made quite a splash in 2007 and 2006, being the first-ever public dance party in the history of the oldest bathhouse in New York City. Held at the infamous Russian and Turkish Baths on 10th St, the party featured live gypsy music, free-flowing vodka and pierogies for all. DJs spun and people danced late into the night.

The party was reviewed by L Magazine, as well as an underground New York events site UNCOOL KIDS, and photos were snapped by Getty Images. Miss Scorpio, now considered a Russian Baths expert, was also interviewed in the New York Post article profiling the baths as the new pick-up scene.

Photo coverage by Getty Images (more)

"The vodka flowed. The Orchestrii wailed. The Pierogies were scrumptious, if a bit soggy. The DJ was killer. The rooms were hot, the women and men in their hipster skivvies were hotter." -- Matt Levy, L Magazine (more)

"The G&S gals clearly know how to keep their clients satisfied...The food was good, the vodka was better, and from what I could tell in all of my overdressed glory, the baths looked marvelous." -- Gideon Levy, UNCOOL KIDS (more)

"'There's no attitude here,' said Larisa Fuchs, a Gemini & Scorpio party promoter who recently threw a Valentine's Day bash at the bathhouse, complete with a Gypsy band, pirogi, vodka and bathing suits. 'It's just really friendly. Well, make that sexy-friendly.'" -- Mackenzie Dawson, NY Post (more)

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