Press: 2008

As always, "Get Off...Line," our annual Valentine's Day party and our Birthday bash, was our most celebrated event of the year. Additionally, this year's time-traveling theme inspired our very first monthly party, "Swing House," which we then focused on until mid-summer. 2008 also saw us named "Best List of What-To-Do in NYC" by ChloeJo in her formidable Girlie Girl Army newsletter.

"Roaring Twentieth" - 6th Annual Valentine's Day Bash

"The guests came in vintage. Some in 1920s fashions. There were fedoras, feathered boas, news boy caps, ladies in flapper dresses and Edith Piaf wigs. Others opted for a gothic looks: capes were a-plenty, as were corsets...

...The floor was quickly filled with dancers trying their best Charleston, and suddenly it was standing room only. There were swing dancers, newbies, loungers, drunks, Williamsburg hipsters, friggin vampires, singles, couples - it seemed the whole place had the spirit of the music. Meanwhile, the Dreamland dandies played the part of time machine."
-- Fredo Ceraso, The Cad (more)

"Plenty of burlesque action and all manner of surprises." -- TimeOut New York (more)

"Swing House" monthly vintage dance party

The event series was an instant success, drawing 300-500 dashingly costumed guests for each night of dazzling vintage dance mayhem. Flavorpill's photographers were on hand to cover the launch, and nearly every major pres outlet mentioned the party since.

"Gatsby-era fun with a twist of new school-vibe" -- Village Voice

"Bring back the Jazz Age at Galapagos, with vintage costumes, flame throwers, and burlesque performers...extravagant entertainment from the comfort of your bar stool." -- Flavorpill (more)

"Online-dating eminences" -- TimeOut New York (more)

"Gemini and Scorpio, alternative party mavens extraordinaire, pack a lot of punch into their night." -- FreeNYC (more)




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