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Gemini & Scorpio, two funky Brooklyn gals, have been running the second-largest non-commercial New York City events list since 2002, spreading the word on underground happenings you'd otherwise never hear about. They are also the makers of themed costume parties with live entertainment: legendary happenings from wild circus throwdowns to dazzling vintage dance socials to one-of-a-kind Russian baths bashes. The events are marked by offbeat themes, fantastic costumes, mind-blowing music, burlesque and circus performances, unique art and decor, and wild dancing into the morning, drawing 200-1,000 costumed creatives types each time. G&S have been written up in The New York Times, NY Post, The Village Voice, TimeOut NY, but amNY put it best in their "Nightlife Trends 2011" - "Expect a setting that's both festive and whimsical, featuring art installations, roving performers, cheap drinks and DJ sets that run late into the night. Guests dress to the nines, whatever the theme: steampunk glamour, circus riot, faux fur or neon bling."

You can learn more on our Past Events and Press pages.

Miss Scorpio (Larisa Fuchs)

Miss Scorpio dazzles audiences worldwide with her outrageous wit and wardrobe, constantly shocking the status quo into something more fabulous. She is an attention-getting, opinionated, stylish and intellectual artist who has worked for high-powered design firms and traveled with carnivals & gypsy bands, among many unique life experiences. A brazen Scorpio, she regularly talks to strangers.

When she's not practicing her Scorpio arts of seduction on innocent bystanders, she is deftly weaving her way through New York City's cultural landscape: from world music to circus to puppets to burlesque to underground parties, she knows a little of everything and nearly everyone behind it. Armed with this knowledge, she's been editing the G&S weekly list of fantastic happenings you'd otherwise never hear about and producing all G&S fetes since the site's inception in 2002.

Over the years, G&S events have become known for tight curation and creative themes, live performance by talented artists, eye-popping spectacle and a devoted stylish following. Inspired by their success, Miss Scorpio is also in the process of opening a 5,000sq ft performing arts venue with a team of talented others. She's frequently called on as an expert in event production, curation and promotion by a variety of creative entities, from the likes of National Geographic Traveler to Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls.

You can catch her at her trusty PowerBook at

Miss Gemini (Jamie Kiffel-Alcheh)

Miss Gemini is an old-world mystic, Bollywood deity and rock star bottled within the body of Tinkerbell. A fan of both Buddha and Hello Kitty, she seeks enlightenment through rigorous study of metaphysical texts and almost anything that glitters or comes in fruit scents. An unstoppable Gemini, she regularly double-turns herself into the ground--only to find the earth intriguing enough to merit further study.

Gemini is the senior editor of Vital Juice Los Angeles, the daily online mailer about healthy living (from the same backers as Daily Candy). She spent 10 years as the entertainment and features editor for Bauer Publishing. She is a frequent contributor to National Geographic, regularly interviews celebrity directors and producers, and has penned infomercials for such indispensable products as the Tummy Trimmer and the U.S. Perfect Time Clock. She authored one of the top two most-reviewed entries in Amazon's breakthrough novel competition, and, in her work as a newspaper managing editor, managed to fend off a burglar while simultaneously finishing the newspaper's layout. Stories of her adventures with Miss Scorpio have appeared in a variety of publications, providing good examples and vicarious thrills to thousands.

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We LOVE hearing about new events that are a fit for our listings. We recommend browsing the list archives to get familiar with what kind of things we cover. Generally, events have to be pretty unique, colorful, varied, and have a live performance, interactivity or community aspect to them. We particularly love circus, puppets, costume parties, brass bands, etc. We do NOT list DJ gigs, comedy shows, indie rock shows, or club nights. We also don't list weeklies or monthlies, unless it's a special one-off/anniversary. Here are further instructions:

  • Email the address below with no attachments of any kind. The subject should contain event name and date, never "an event for your list."
  • Send no more than one snappy paragraph of copy that explains the whole event to someone who knows nothing about it in clearest possible terms. This should be copy/paste ready for publication. Browse the list archives to see edited versions of event listings.
  • Avoid exclamation points, meaningless statements ("It's going to be great!"), and press release language ("On Feb 12, you're cordially invited..."). We edit those out anyway, so you're just creating more work for us.
  • If you're a part of the event, remember to focus on the event description rather than your personal part in it -- but also don't forget a brief description (2-3 words) of each act. (For example, bands email us saying "hey, we're playing a show!" -- but we need a band description in order to list the show.)
  • Editing to G&S format increases your chances of getting listed. Use the archive for format reference.
  • Do NOT add us to your mailing list without consent. Send an email and ask. We prefer you email us directly for specific events you really want to see listed. We won't wade through your every newsletter to find those gigs.

Contact us

For press and general inquiries, drop a line to . If your question is about event details (cost, location, timing), please see the events page first. 99% of what we get asked is usually found there, including our loft address (the RSVP form auto-replies with all you need to know). If it's last minute before an event, tweet @gemini_scorpio, as frequently we don't end up checking email or FB mail until after the event. Twitter, our Facebook profile and group (as well as individual event's FB page) are also the place to look for last-minute event updates. Please don't email us about tickets to sold-out events; we can't send individual responses. If we have an update, we'll post it to social media.

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