Gemini and Scorpio in brief

Gemini & Scorpio, two funky Brooklyn gals, have been running the second-largest non-commercial New York City events list since 2002, spreading the word on underground happenings you'd otherwise never hear about. They are also the makers of themed costume parties with live entertainment: legendary happenings from wild circus throwdowns to dazzling vintage dance socials to one-of-a-kind Russian baths bashes. The events are marked by offbeat themes, fantastic costumes, mind-blowing music, burlesque and circus performances, unique art and decor, and wild dancing into the morning, drawing 200-1,000 costumed creatives types each time.

G&S have been written up in The New York Times, NY Post, The Village Voice, TimeOut NY, but amNY put it best in their "Nightlife Trends 2011" - "Expect a setting that's both festive and whimsical, featuring art installations, roving performers, cheap drinks and DJ sets that run late into the night. Guests dress to the nines, whatever the theme: steampunk glamour, circus riot, faux fur or neon bling."

Top press honors

  • TimeOut "Best secret parties in NYC" 2013
  • Buzzfeed #3 in "Top 10 Steampunk Parties" 2012
  • TimeOut "Best of NYC" 2011
  • amNY "Nightlife Trends 2011"
  • The New York Times feature "Decorating the Night in Brooklyn" 2010
  • TimeOut "Essential New York" 2010
  • "Best List of What To Do in NYC" 2008
  • Village Voice "Best Of" 2006

Select press quotes

  • "live music, dancing, absinthe and the dark arts" - The New York Times 2010
  • "whether it's a dance party in a Russian bathhouse or a Jazz Age-inspired shindig at a Brooklyn loft, party planners Gemini & Scorpio always manage to create events that simultaneously evoke the past and feel incredibly current" - TimeOut 2010 "Essential NY"
  • "spooky baroque bash...deliciously bizarre performances" - TimeOut NY 2010
  • "an event worth wearing that ridiculous zoot suit for" - TimeOut NY 2010
  • "outrageous theme-party promoters...experts of Halloween" - The Village Voice 2012
  • "party directors of salacious and wild gatherings" - The Village Voice 2011
  • "take a Tim Burton film. Now make it darker (if possible) and sexier (yes, please)...In a stroke of maniacal genius, [G&S] are bringing steampunk fantasy to life." - The Village Voice 2010
  • "a celebration of the extravagant and grotesque complete with live music, face and body painting, circus arts, fortune-tellers, fire and general absinthe-fueled debauchery" - Paper Magazine
  • "cover yourself with sparkles and revert to the days of decadent disco...over-the-top extravaganza" - Business Week
  • "these are the types of parties that boggle the mind: fire-eaters, moonshine cocktails, topless mermaids, secret locations and all-night ragers" - 2010
  • "you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything quite as unusual" - This Week In NY 2011
  • "expect off-the-wall antics" - The Huffington Post 2010
  • "Gemini and Scorpio do Ringling one better" - The New York Post 2010
  • "we love any excuse for a fancy-dress party, and Gemini & Scorpio present a doozy...patrons in zoot suits and full flapper regalia dance the night away to live swing, jazz, and be-bop" - Flavorpill 2010
  • "don your finest Depression glamour or hobo-chic, but leave your inhibitions behind" - Flavorpill 2009
  • "local purveyors of steampunk and fantasy" - Brooklyn Paper 2012
  • "you can always count on party people Gemini and Scorpio to go all out for you" - Brooklyn Paper 2011
  • "extraordinary party people" - Brooklyn Based 2012
  • "collection of artists who revel in all things exotic, sensual and creative" - The Examiner
  • "the answer to big box club doldrums" - 2011
  • "Gatsby never attended a party this good" - 24/Seven Brooklyn 2010

Love from clients and friends

  • "Queen of last-minute loft spaces for rock shows" - Amanda Palmer
  • "Brooklyn's mistress of decadence" - Molly Crabapple

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